In The Rooms- Wins “The Best Addiction Recovery Digital Rehab” by the Design Nominee

By winning this awesome title from Design Nominee, RipenApps have added another glittery gem on their best healthcare app development company’s shelves.

Speaking more about this mind-blowing creation In the Room- a Digital Rehab

In The Rooms is a free, digital meeting website and social network for the addiction recovery community which conducts online meetings to fight against addiction. With over 600,000 members, In The Rooms provides a virtual space for people to connect with others in recovery around the globe. Our community offers support for recovery from alcohol or drug addiction and behavioral addictions such as love and relationships, sex, and gambling.

The brilliantly conceptualized & newly-redesigned app consists of few recovery steps, giving you recovery at your fingertips, with easy access to virtual meetings, social networking tools, blogs, and recovery guides.

Here find the mind-blowing features of the app.
Redesigned Interface
Experience a fresh new layout that brings all our most popular features to the forefront.

Virtual Meetings
Take part in over 130 live meetings per week to supplement you’re in-person recovery meetings. Turn on your camera and share it with the group, or just observe, then mark your attendance if you need verification of your presence in the meeting.

In-Person Meeting Finder
Find face-to-face meetings in your geographic area.

Newsfeeds & Chats
Start the conversation – post an update in the status feed, create a discussion in your fellowship, or chat one-on-one with a friend.

Blogs & Recovery Guides
Check out our selection of the latest recovery news, perspectives, and recommendations, or explore our guides for those just getting started in recovery.

In The Rooms, members can remain as anonymous as they wish.

About RipenApps:
A big round of applaud for RipenApps -the leading healthcare mobile app development company- serves many business verticals with its mind-blowing mobility solution. The expert team of app developers and designers has delivered many hot-selling apps to our clients globally. In the Room from Australia, it is one of the marvelous creations crafted in the RipenApps’ Lab.


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