Improved Find My Stuff App Expands To International Markets

[] London, United Kingdom – The popular Find My Stuff app was recently updated to include many innovative features, including the ability to be used by international users. Improved battery usage features have been added in order to make the app run more efficiently. A new alert feature has been added to improve the effectiveness of real-time alerts.

Find My Stuff prevents loss and theft:
Find My Stuff is an iOS app that helps people keep up with their valuable belongings. According to the Find My Stuff stories, the mobile app has helped many users find their car keys, as well as cars in crowded parking lots. Other valuable objects that have been successfully tracked include musical equipment, cameras, purses and wallets, family pets, bicycles, laptops and mobile devices, airport luggage, and children.

Find My Stuff tracks objects via Bluetooth Beacons:
The Find My Stuff app communicates with beacons, also known as Beacons for use with iOS devices, in order to track the beacon’s precise location. The app uses distance proximity to determine if objects leave the range. For instance, if the app distance setting is set to 20 feet, an alert will be sent to the mobile device if the beacon (and the object to which it’s attached) move beyond the 20-foot range. Some examples of how this prevents loss or theft include:

* A thief grabs a purse while the owner is distracted
* A pet or child runs away while the owner/parent is distracted
* A person lays their laptop down, walks off and forgets it
* A car is being stolen out of the driveway
* Car keys are lost
* Driver forgets where they parked in huge parking lot

The app uses the Maps functionality on mobile devices in order to find the precise location of the beacon. Items that are lost or stolen can be tracked in real-time via the Find My Stuff app.

New features:
Because the Find My Stuff app uses Bluetooth technology to track and locate items, past versions of the app have drained battery life from smartphones and other mobile devices of users. The developers have added a new battery improvement feature that reduces the battery drain and extends battery life while the app is in use.

Previous versions of the app gave no indication of the battery life that was left in the mobile device. This was determined to be inefficient as users could not tell the amount of remaining battery life while using the app. The new battery indicator provides users with an accurate percentage of real-time battery life usage.

Find My Stuff alerts:
The latest version of Find My Stuff has upgraded the alerts feature. Find My Stuff uses alerts in a couple of different ways.

1) Users can press a button within the app and the beacon will emit an alert. This is useful for finding lost car keys or other misplaced items.

2) Users can set the distance proximity settings within the app, and if the beacon reaches or exceeds that range, an alert is emitted. This is useful for keeping up with children or pets, and preventing theft of items.

Find My Stuff is now international:
Due to the demand from international markets, Find My Stuff has added support for many languages including German, Italian, French, Japanese and Russian. Additional languages will be added in the future. This expansion is expected to increase the number of Find My Stuff and Beacon users.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
* Universal Application
* Requires iOS 8.0 or later
* 20.5 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Find My Stuff 1.2 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Navigation category.Find My Stuff 1.2
Download from iTunes
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