iMobie Upgraded AnyTrans to Transfer App Data and Game Progress

[] Los Angeles, California – iMobie Inc., a leading iOS-related software company, proudly announced a significant update to its ace iOS transfer software AnyTrans, which re-enabled users to transfer app data and game progress between iPhones/iPads running all iOS versions – including iOS 8.3 and above. Now users will feel safe to switch to their new iPhone 6s (Plus) or iPad Pro without losing high scores and having to restart the game.

“Since iOS 8.3, Apple blocked all 3rd-party tools from accessing App data, which makes iPhone and iPad users unable to transfer their game saves from old device to the new one. Those are days even months of hard work, and it’s truly a pity to lose them,” said Frank Kong, the founder and CEO of iMobie Inc. “To help all users save their high levels in favorite games, we’ve brought the new AnyTrans, which could transfer app data again between devices of any iOS version.”

How to Transfer App Data and Game Progress to New iPhone/iPad?
Transferring app data and game progress is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Make sure you have the app installed in your new iPhone/iPad beforehand (some apps need to log in your account), and then, launch AnyTrans. With both your old and new devices connected to your computer, you can then transfer your app data / game progress over easily via AnyTrans’ Device-to-Device Transfer, Phone Clone or Phone Merge features. Now you can stay with your high levels and scores in new device.

Other Highlight Features of AnyTrans:

Transfer files and data to/between all iOS devices:
As the No. 1 iOS transfer software, AnyTrans enables users to transfer files & data between all iOS devices, from PC/Mac to iOS devices, and vice versa – even the latest iPhone 6s (Plus), iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro are supported. From contacts to photos, from music library to app data, from messages to calendar events, any content can be transferred in just one click.

Give full control over your iPhone/iPad files:
Everything you need to manage your iPhone/iPad files is built inside of AnyTrans. Photos, contacts, notes, and every piece of your personal data & media files that count in your daily life, you’ll get a convenient way to edit/add/delete them and get them well organized.

Migrate to new iPhone 6s (Plus) in just one click:
Cloning all content from old iPhone/iPad to a new one is ultra-easy with AnyTrans. Straightforward as just one click, you can copy all contacts, photos, music, messages, notes, calendar, wallpaper, and more to your new iPhone 6s (Plus). You can also clone just partial data as you wish. How and what to clone? It all depends on you.

Merge contents from different iOS devices with duplicates skipped:
With AnyTrans’s unique merge feature, users can merge contents from different iPhones and iPads into their daily use one to quickly fetch needed data. Be it contacts, messages, notes, media files or other items, all can be merged with duplicates skipped automatically. Now you’ll have both transferred and original items kept intact in your target device.AnyTrans
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