iLounge Releases iPad + iPad mini Buyers’ Guide

[] Irvine, California – After Apple’s surprising late 2012 replacement of the iPad with Retina Display, accessory and app makers scrambled to release products for the new fourth-generation iPad and iPad mini. Today, hundreds of new options are available, and leading independent Apple publication iLounge has launched the iPad + iPad mini Buyers’ Guide to cover the best of them.

Released considerably ahead of its normal schedule, the iPad + iPad mini Buyers’ Guide offers a comprehensive look at new Lightning, Bluetooth, and iPad mini accessories, plus great apps, and expert tips for buying and selling iPads. The Guide also includes advice on which iPads and accessories are safe to buy during a period of major changes at Apple. Since a substantially redesigned full-sized iPad is expected later this year, iLounge strongly recommends cautious purchasing, while spotlighting many great products guaranteed to work with any iPad readers may own.

“This is definitely a time of transition for Apple,” explained Jeremy Horwitz, Editor of iLounge and its Buyers’ Guides, “but the iPad mini and latest iPad are impressive products, as are many of the accessories, apps, and games we’ve selected for the iPad + iPad mini Buyers Guide. iLounge’s editors have spent untold hours hunting down and testing new releases from across the globe, and this Guide shows you the best of them – in a single download.”

As the exclusive partner of the Consumer Electronics Association for Apple-related product exhibitions at CES, iLounge uniquely canvasses products from all of the world’s leading developers, bringing the best and most interesting items to readers’ attention. In addition to currently-available products, the iPad + iPad mini Buyers’ Guide now features a Best of Show Awards gallery spotlighting top upcoming accessories from the 2013 CES. Further, thanks to iLounge’s independence from Apple, the Guide includes both Apple-authorized and unauthorized accessories, ranging from low-cost batteries and cables to high-end speakers and earphones.

“iLounge doesn’t pull punches, and we focus on the needs of our readers,” said Dennis Lloyd, iLounge’s Publisher. “That’s why our multi-million-downloaded Buyers’ Guides are renowned for their objectivity and insight. We are proud to offer the iPad + iPad mini Buyers’ Guide in the universally-accessible PDF format, readable on everything from computers to tablets, smartphones, and iPod touches, at no cost to iLounge readers.”

iLounge’s Buyers’ Guides and Books are the world’s most widely read publications covering Apple’s digital media products. Downloaded millions of times, the Guides now include 20 semi-annual magazine- and book-style publications released by iLounge since 2004. All of these publications are available from for free, and are published as a service to the Apple community without any editorial involvement from advertisers or Apple itself. Starting today, the iPad + iPad mini Buyers’ Guide can be downloaded directly from iLounge online.iLounge
iPad + iPad mini Buyers’ Guide

iLounge, Inc. is the world’s leading authority on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod ecosystems, and the exclusive partner of the Consumer Electronics Association for the iLounge Pavilion – the largest dedicated exhibition area at the International Consumer Electronics Show, backed by 450 Apple-centric developers and spanning over 120,000 square feet of space. Fully independent from Apple and vendors of related hardware, software, and services, iLounge has offices in Irvine, California and East Amherst, New York. Founded only days after Apple announced the first iPod in 2001, iLounge has exploded in popularity, today boasting millions of visitors and tens of millions of page views each month. Its editorial content is in no way influenced by advertising, paid placements, or other unsavory practices. Praised for years as “the ultimate in product reviews and tutorials on all things iPod,” iLounge and its team have been spotlighted by the Associated Press, CNBC, Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, and many other leading publications. Copyright (C) 2013 iLounge, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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