IFinancials Releases Check and Tip – iPhone Tip and Split Calculator

[prMac.com] Los Altos, California – IFinancials today is pleased to announce the release of Check & Tip – Gratuity and Split Calculator, version 6.1.0, updated for iPhone 5 and iOS 6, plus iPhone 4S, 4 & 3GS. Quickly calculating the tip and splitting the check with friends at the end of a great meal has never been easier with “Check & Tip” from IFinancials!

“Check & Tip” takes away the pain that we go through at the end of a great dining experience at a sit-down restaurant when we struggle to calculate the tip or split the check. “Check & Tip” from IFinancials makes dealing with this chore quick and easy whether you are dining out by yourself, with your family, with friends or with business associates.

Dining by yourself or with family? With “Check & Tip” you simply enter the check amount and “Check & Tip” shows the recommended Tip and Total. Want to increase or decrease the tip? Just use your finger on a slider and choose the percent tip your waitperson has earned. Have a discount coupon? Enter the amount so you can properly calculate the tip before the discount coupon was applied to the check amount. Too dark to read the check? “Check & Tip” built-in flashlight (iPhone 4 and newer) blazes through the darkness to make the check readable.

Dining with Friends? With “Check & Tip” you simply enter the check amount and “Check & Tip” shows the recommended equally divided Tip and Totals for each person along with the Total to Pay. Simply use your finger to slide and select the number of friends you are splitting the check with and watch the Split Amounts change. Want to round the tip or round the total due? Simply tap the “Round Tip” or “Round Total” button to see the updated amount.

Dining with Business Associates? With “Check & Tip” you simply enter the check amount and “Check & Tip” shows the recommended Tip and Total. Save the Business Purpose, Location, Date & Time and Guest List for later filing of your Expense Report. A great feature is the ability to take a picture of your receipt and email everything you entered and the receipt photo to yourself! World Traveller? “Check & Tip” supports all currency’s currently in use around the world.

Key Features:
* Back-side Flashlight for check illumination in dark restaurants
* Receipt Photo: Snap a photo of your receipt so you can destroy the paper one!
* Email: Send yourself and others an email that includes all the Check & Tip details and the receipt photo
* Tip Method: Choose between “Before Tax” or “After Tax” calculation methods
* Tip %: Slide your finger to choose the tip percentage
* Split Check: Slide your finger to choose how many friends you are splitting the check with
* GPS Location: Save the restaurant name, address, and website for your expense report
* Guests: Save the list of guests you dined with for your expense report
* Details: Save the Date and Time and Business Purpose for you expense report
* Business Traveller: Choose the currency you pay in for any country that you are visiting
* Choose your own default Tip Percentage and Maximum Tip
* Support: Email our support team directly from within the app
* Help: Get help on using the app directly within the app – no internet needed

Supported Languages:
* US English (more languages coming soon!)

Device Requirements:
* IOS 6.0 or higher
* iPhone 5, 4S and 4 (All features)
* iPhone 3GS (all features except back-side flashlight feature)
* 1.8 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Check & Tip 6.1.0 is only $1.99 (USD) on the iTunes App Store under Finance & Food and Drink category.IFinancials
Check & Tip – Gratuity and Split Calculator 6.1.0
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