iDraw 2.4.1 adds Swift language export and support for Plug-ins

[] Palo Alto, California – Indeeo today is proud to announce the release of iDraw 2.4.1, adding two powerful new features to the popular Mac design and illustration application. A new Swift language export feature can be used to convert app design mockups, buttons, and icons directly into native Swift drawing code that can used in both Mac and iOS development projects. The 2.4.1 update also adds the ability to create and run custom plug-in scripts; enabling users to automate previously time-consuming tasks with only a few lines of code.

Swift Language Export:
In version 2.4, iDraw gained the ability to export vector objects and effects directly into Core Graphics drawing code. Using this feature, designers and developers can convert fully-styled buttons and icons into drawing code, usable in both Mac and iOS development projects – automatically generating CGPaths, CGColors, CGGradients, and other code needed to draw the exported vector designs. Rather than needing to export many static images of varying states and sizes, interface elements can instead be drawn using resolution-independant code and styled dynamically at runtime.

iDraw 2.4.1 expands on this functionality, adding Apple’s new Swift language as an export option. Users can choose between exporting graphics code in Objective-C or Swift.

Plug-ins / Scripting:
With this latest update, users can now extend iDraw’s existing feature set and automate editing operations using custom plug-ins. iDraw plug-ins are text-based scripts written in JavaScript, with access to Mac OS X’s powerful Cocoa APIs. The plug-in APIs can be used to create a wide range of plug-ins, with many types of editing actions fully scriptable – creating new shapes, modifying vector paths, changing the current selection, customizing appearance settings, importing/exporting data, and much more.

To enable users to quickly create and test their own plug-ins, iDraw includes a built-in code editor that can be used to write, test, and run plug-in scripts directly within the application. Example plug-ins and detailed API documentation are available at Indeeo online.

Additional New Features
* SVG and PDF file import improvements
* Customizable user shape libraries
* Fix for preserving the EXIF orientation setting of imported images
* Fix for using the Eyedropper tool on certain multi-screen arrangements
* Many other fixes and improvements

iDraw is a modern, powerful, feature-packed vector design and illustration application designed specifically for Mac OS X. Notable features include:
* Photoshop PSD Import/Export
* SVG, PDF, EPS, and Illustrator AI Import
* Powerful Vector Path Editing Tools
* Core Graphics Export
* CSS Properties Export
* ColorSync Color Management
* 24 Vibrant Blend Modes
* OpenGL Optimized Drawing
* Smart Guides
* Dimensioning
* iCloud Sync

System Requirements:
* OS X 10.6.6 or later
* 11.1MB

Pricing and Availability:
iDraw 2.4.1 is available for purchase worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store for $24.99 (USD). The update is free for existing users who purchased previous versions of iDraw on the Mac App Store.iDraw 2.4.1
Purchase and Download (MAS)
YouTube Video (Core Graphics Export)
Plug-in Examples and Documentation
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Based in Palo Alto, California, Indeeo Inc. develops applications specifically designed for Mac OS X and iOS. iDraw launched as one of the first apps available for the iPad, and continues to be the most powerful vector illustration application available for iOS. iDraw for Mac OS X has been a best-selling Graphics and Design application since it launched on the Mac App Store. Copyright (C) 2014 Indeeo, Inc. All rights reserved. iDraw is a registered trademark of Indeeo, Inc. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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