iClassics Productions Launches a New Blog: iClassics Education

[prMac.com] Barcelona, Spain – iClassics Productions, the innovative digital publisher based in Barcelona, Spain, has amassed a collection of literature apps that enrich the classic and unabridged short stories from the greatest writers of yesteryear. They achieved this by combining artistic illustration, animation, interactivity, original music and sound effects. The name for this modern and forward-thinking project is The iClassics Collection.

Now, iClassics Productions seeks to highlight the benefits of the iClassics Collection in the realm of education. Therefore, to push for the use of the iClassics Collection in the classroom, they have created a brand new blog: iClassics Education. The blog aims to keep both followers and newcomers up-to-date with everything that is happening with iClassics Productions in the field of education.

In the fluid and fleeting world in which technology is intuitive and instinctive for today’s generations, iClassics Productions pushes the argument that we can wield the power of today’s mobile devices to bring reading as a recreation onto a device that is intuitive for today’s students. Indeed, studies now show that reading is a recreation in wane among the young. And given the rapidity with which almost anything can be attained, iClassics Productions argues that this is no surprise, for reading is something that slows time down, something counterintuitive for today’s teens, whose lives swirl around in a hyperconnected and fast-paced techno-world.

But iClassics Productions argues that bringing reading and literature onto a medium that is intuitive among the young can help pique their interest, highlighting the continued relevance of reading the great classics. Moreover, the impressive synthesis of art, technology, literature, animation and interactivity offered by their iClassics Collection casts a modern light on the texts of old while keeping them wholly intact.

Now that they have built up The iClassics Collection, they wish to underscore its value in education. Literature, they argue, is a daunting subject for many students, associated with dusty old books whose pages are tattered and yellowed. As a result, many students can miss the opportunity of being enthralled by the great canonical writers in the western literary tradition. For this reason, iClassics Productions would like to encourage the use of their iClassics Collection in the classroom. They wish to achieve this my introducing their new iClassics Education Program, whose details can be found below:

The iClassics Education Program

The iClassics Collection is the perfect tool to captivate modern students’ attention and to make them enthralled by the merging of classic literature with sophisticated technology and high-quality artwork. For this reason, iClassics Productions would like to introduce their new iClassics Education Program.

If your school or institution uses iOS systems (iPhones/iPads), Apple offers a “Volume Purchase Program for Education”, meaning that schools and institutions can download apps in volume at a price reduction determined by the publisher/developer.

iClassics Productions offers a a special discount off apps when a volume of 20 or more is purchased by a school or institution, meaning that the price per app is reduced to only $0.99 per device.

iClassics Productions argues that their immersive reading iClassics Collection does not replace traditional reading, but helps to win the hearts and minds of a generation brought up on portable, multimedia devices. They are therefore urging schools to be part of something innovative and forward-thinking, and to make schools stand out as modern institutions that are in collaboration with a program that stands for technology, art, literature and innovation.iClassics Education Blog
iClassics Collection
iClassics Collection on iTunes
iClassics Collection on Google Play

iClassics Productions, S.L was founded in 2015 by the experienced management team of Play Creatividad. iClassics Productions, S.L is formed by creative and talented individuals, who apply their skills and drive to create immersive reading apps using the classic texts from the western literary canon. The iClassics Collection brings classic literature to life with artistic illustration, animation, interactivity and original music. iClassics Productions has reimagined the reading concept by transforming it into a unique immersive experience where the user is immersed in and interacts with the stories. iClassics Productions do not only make immersive reading apps, but has actually become a global benchmark for interactive literature. All Material and Software (C) 2016 iClassics Productions, S.L / All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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