iBeacons Enable Proximity Messaging at July MacAdmins Conference

[prMac.com] Naperville, Illinois – At this week’s MacAdmins Conference at Penn State, attendees will experience a new form of show communication. The conference, July 9 through 11, is an annual gathering of systems administrators interested in deploying, managing, and securing Apple products and services.

Using Twocanoes’ beacons and Conference Platform, MacAdmins conference organizers will customize the attendee experience through targeted messaging.

“Passbook and iBeacons will simplify our conference registration process and enable us to push up-to-date event news and important reminders to the attendees,” explained Dave Test, group leader of technology classrooms at Penn State ITS. “Twocanoes has made integrating these technologies into our conference a breeze.”

Having received a welcome email with conference information and downloaded a customized pass onto their iPhone, attendees will automatically be prompted to register by scanning the QR code on their pass when they arrive.

Once registered, attendees will receive show information on their iPhone lock-screens. However, Bleu Station’s sophisticated proximity-enabled platform ensures they won’t receive every notification – only relevant ones.

Show organizers can easily send announcements to every attendee or a subset, such as individuals registered for a particular session. Combined with online scheduling software SCHED, this gives MacAdmins organizers the freedom to change session locations without causing confusion.

Rather than having pre-set locations, attendees in the session areas will receive updates on the time and location of upcoming events. Attendees can also check the back of the show pass in the Passbook app on their phone to see the latest session details.

In addition, shortly before each session ends, attendees will be prompted by a lock-screen message to fill out a survey about the speaker/content. Attendees not in a session at that time won’t receive the message, since broadcasts from the Bleu Station beacons are received only by session attendees.

Twocanoes Bleu Station Conference Platform features:
* Meeting creation and invitations
* Passbook passes with unique bar/QR codes for each registrant
* Full customized pass design
* Invitee list importation
* Pass download link bulk send
* Pass status tracking including pass reception, installation, and removal
* Dynamic push of updated information to passes
* Lock-screen alert notifications to all attendees or groups of attendees
* The ability to link beacons to passes
* Lock-screen push notifications that can be scheduled based on time and attendee proximity to beacon
* Integration with external scheduling system to dynamically update pass session informationBleu
Bleu Station Conference Platform
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Twocanoes Software facilitates enterprise beacon deployment through Bleu, its integrated family of software, hardware, and custom development services. Using iBeacon Licensed Technology, Twocanoes’ Bleu Station USB-powered beacon and accompanying toolkit simplify remote provisioning and administration across many physical locations. Twocanoes Software is located in Naperville, IL. Visit twocanoes.com and bleu.io to learn more. Copyright (C) 2014 Twocanoes Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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