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[prMac.com] London, United Kingdom – You have an extreme passion for the game of golf but the tee fear always comes in your way to win the game. Do you want to be the lion of the ground and you have all the skills that one needs to be just perfect at Golf but it is just the lack of self-confidence that brings your performance down. Have you taken all the professional golf coaching but still has not learned how to keep holding onto your nerves during a tight and intense golf match. Is your golf coaching teaching you all the rules but still you do not feel confident enough? Worry no more, now that Hypno Golf – win from the first is here.

Hypno Golf – win from the first is new applications that are developed by mind game performers Ltd. It was released on the 27th July 2012. This application uses the Golf Hypnosis technique. Golf Hypnosis is basically a new technique. Golf hypnosis is based on the principal of reducing your consciousness and once you are unconscious using golf hypnosis, it gets easier for you to focus and concentrate on your target and then that is when Hypno Gulf- Win from the First comes in action.

The Golf hypnosis technique is a very efficient way of improving your game. It uses the NLP or the neuro linguistic programme which is a collection and series of really efficient techniques that help you make your shots just perfect. NLP very efficiently helps a person to boost up his self-esteem and his inner energy. NLP also brings a positive change in his personality. NLPs effectiveness can be guaranteed in such a way that world former best player Ian woosman credits his success to NLP and saya that it was NLP that really made him confident. NLP focuses you on one proper target and eliminates all the other negative or distracting thoughts and focuses you right on the game.

As Golf is a very long game, it can be very tiring. And it is very difficult to keep your focus right on the game. A lot of Golf coaching techniques has been tried out by the Senior Golf Coaches but none of them are as effective as Golf hypnosis. It works as the perfect and the best substitute for all the Golf coaching techniques. As the Old Golf Coaching Techniques mainly comprise of physical exercises and so these Old Golf coaching techniques not only fail to have such a strong impact on the player but also tire you a lot and deteriorate your performance on the whole.

Hypno Golf – win from the first is an audio based application that can change your golf and have been better and more amazing that any golf coaching technique that you have learnt before. It has two Golf coaching versions, one is a long Golf Coaching version that can be used as long as you want it and the other short Golf Coaching version is recommended to be used just before the play. Get the Hypno Golf – win from the and ace the ground.Mind Game Golf
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Mind Game Performance Ltd company is located in London, UK, and founded by John McCarthy and Emma Johnson in 2010. The company specializes in peak performance for golfers of all levels and aims to become one of the largest iOS developers for golf improvement world wide. We bring performance and mental game coaching to your iPhone. We now offer five apps that are live in the App Store, with many more under development. Copyright (C) 2012 Mind Game Performance Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

###John McCarthy and Emma Johnson
Directors/Peak Performance Coaches
United Kingdom
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