How to Make Sure that You Mobile App Will Bring You Money

When a company decides to launch a mobile app or any other software product, it always requires some investments (and sometimes rather significant ones). That’s why such an initiative is widely associated with risk. But it doesn’t mean that there are no chances for you to minimize all the associated risks and to make sure that your target groups will like what you are going to provide them with. Among the possible steps that may help you to achieve this goal, we can mention idea validation, prototyping, and the launch of an MVP product.
Want to learn more? Just keep reading this article. We are going to explain what all these processes presuppose and why you need to turn to them.
Why do you need to validate your idea before investing in an app?
In general, it’s worth mentioning that to validate or to try out your idea before investing your money into it is a good initiative regardless of the type of product that you are launching. At this stage, it doesn’t matter whether you want to produce strawberry jam or to release a mobile application.
In any case, you should find out what other people (not your family and friends but representatives of your real target audience) think about your idea.
However, it’s not about just asking people about their thoughts. It’s about setting clear criteria that will help you to understand whether you can go on with your project or it’s better to enhance it before investing.
You should understand that the stages of this process can be different. And it’s quite obvious that they will significantly differ when you already have a business and your new app is just an additional tool to work with your audience and when your app is your first step to win the hearts of users.
In the first case, you will already have a group of potential users to work with. In the second – you will need to find those people who may become your users. As a result, the second situation may be more challenging for you.
However, here is just a variant of how this process can be organized if you already have a pool of your potential users:
to create a landing page (it can be a separate website or a page on your existing website);
to develop a validation survey;
to write an email text, add the link to your landing page and embed the survey form;
to launch your research;
to analyze the gathered data.
But what can you do if you do not have contacts of potential users (your existing clients), in this case, social media tools, topical portals and blogs as well as context ads will help.
However, the final aim will be always the same – to analyze the opinion of your target audience.
If you have successfully passed this step, the results fully meet your criteria and you see that your idea is really worth investing in it you may proceed to the next stage.
It is known as prototyping.
What can prototyping show you?
This stage presupposes the creation of an incomplete version of your app. That’s why if with the previous stage you can easily cope without turning to professionals, now it is high time to find a good Android or iOS app development company (if you want to launch a mobile application, of course).
Though prototyping is not a compulsory step, it has a lot of benefits. They include but are not limited to:
early detection of potential; errors instead of facing them in the process of product development;
identification of missing functionality;
quick feedback from your users;
a better understanding of users’ needs;
setting of clear system specifications.
Though prototypes can really tell you a lot about your product, they still look and feel like a draft. They help you to avoid a great number of mistakes with your product creation. Some companies prefer to stop at this stage and proceed with real product development. However, there is one more option for checking the chances of your app to succeed. We are talking about the launch of an MVP.
Do you need to launch an MVP?
Those who do not know what product you are building can’t decide for you whether you should an MVP. However, we highly recommend you at least to consider such a possibility.
An MVP is not a draft anymore. It’s a product that can be used and that already can bring value. Though it has a very limited range of features and functions, it already allows users to understand what it will offer them in the future and whether they want to have such an app.
Can you launch an MVP without validating your idea earlier? Theoretically, yes. However, its development presupposes that your users already like your idea (you know for sure about it) and now you need to see whether they like the product itself.
Of course, you may say that even if you check the value of your idea with all the methods known today, still nobody will be able to guarantee that your app will succeed. Yes, things happen. But at least, you will have a possibility to avoid the risks and increase your chances to achieve user satisfaction by offering people a product that they really like and need.

If you are considering the option of launching an app but still have any doubts, you can always contact a reliable full-cycle software development company, such as Omertex, and get a professional consultation. The Omertex team will be always happy to become your guide in the way from an idea to a successful product.

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