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[prMac.com] Hollywood, California – Lookhu, Inc., an ambitious digital streaming service and distribution platform, announced today its new original feature film titled “The Afterparty :)”. This millennial inspired comedy is helmed by executive producers, Byron Booker and Roy Leibrecht, and directed by Tony Villalobos. The stylish, forward-thinking genre film mixes new media influencers with Hollywood icons to create something fun and entertaining.

Director Tony Villalobos stated, “I find the idea of ‘Hollywood’ – and the lifestyle associated with it – very fascinating. TV networks, websites, and magazines have all created an industry on wanting to know what it’s really like behind the scenes. And having observed [these] situations first hand, this film became a passion project for me. I want people to say to themselves, ‘that can’t be true… can it?’ This blurs the line between reality and fiction, and working with influencers and established actors (some portraying themselves) this movie was an opportunity for me to do something unique by bringing both groups together to share the silver screen and be a part of the experience as well.”

The feature is graced by some of social medias rising stars like Vitally, Tonio-Skits, Timothy DeLaGhetto, Kinsey Wolanski, Sarah McDaniel, King Vader, Johannes Bartl, and many others.

The Afterparty 🙂 dives into the world of Hollywood through the eyes of the up and coming “in crowd”. The socialites get invited to the after party of their lives. Lets just hope they make it out alive.

Lookhu CEO and Executive Producer, Byron Booker said, “This was a fun movie to make. I got a chance to work with Ray J again after producing his visual album Raydemption. It was also cool to see Danny Trejo mix it up with some of the young talent. Audiences will love this cast. “

The film’s co-writer and supporting actress, Simona Shyne, says, “If I had seen “The Afterparty” before I moved to Hollywood, I wouldn’t have believed how accurate it is. It almost feels too real to just be a movie.”LookHu

Lookhu is a cord-cutter’s dream! We’re a streaming entertainment platform unlike anything else on the market. We stream the highest-quality digital entertainment live, and on-demand, our menu offers niche, celebrity-created content, across multiple devices. Lookhu is app-based, and highly focused on content within specific genres, including cooking, TV, Film, Sports, Comedy, DIY and more. We offer both short and long-form programming for subscribers in the U.S. and around the world. We stand out from the rest by offering our content at multiple price points, becoming the go-to platform for entertainment consumers who want more from their subscription services. We’ve set out to create content that would resonate with millennials and beyond, giving them premium, niche programming at package-based, affordable price points. For more information please visit the Lookhu website. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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