Holi Fest Exclusive Sale Reaches the App Store

[prMac.com] San Francisco/USA/Israel – Three top-ranked storybook apps with Indian themes will be heavily discounted at $.99 each, from March 27th-29th in honor of Holi Fest (27th). The developers of Laloo the Red Panda (Laloo LLC), Little Blue Jackal (Niyaa LLC), and The Magnificent Travelling Palace (Plane Tree Family Productions) have joined forces to cross-promote this unique sale opportunity.

All three developers are women who founded their own story app companies. They share a common love of the country of India, and discovered one another’s apps as a result. The story book app development community is relatively small when compared to other spaces like games and general entertainment apps, and this gives story app developers a unique opportunity to align forces to cross-promote apps.

Lauren Freeman, co-founder of Laloo LLC explains, “Shoham Drori (Travelling Palace), Survi Gopal (Little Blue Jackal), and I come from very different backgrounds, but we are united by the common desire to use interactive story apps as a medium through which we can tell inspiring stories to children around the globe.”

“Holi is the festival of colors and harmony. This is an appropriately colorful promotion uniting three colors red (Laloo), blue (Jackal) and Gold (Traveling Palace)!” adds Survi Gopal, Developer of Little Blue Jackal.

About Laloo the Red Panda:
Laloo the Red Panda (iPad, original price $3.99), features the story of a red panda on a journey of self-discovery in India. Laloo LLC has aligned with Bay Area non-profit Red Panda Network. 20% of each purchase is donated to Red Panda Network to assist with the conservation of the red panda.

About Little Blue Jackal:
Little Blue Jackal (iPad, original price $1.99), is a classic Indian folk tale with a moral that have been retold by generations and is packed with ancient wisdom. At Niyaa we strive to teach languague proficiency through reading, storytelling, and games.

About The Magnificent Travelling Palace:
The Magnificent Travelling Palace (iPad, original price $2.99), features an adventure story told through the eyes of four children from the splendid City of Lakes, Udaipur, India. It uses images, animations and original music and sounds which bring a sense of authenticity to the adventure and presents the enchanting world of India to children.Laloo
Magic Travelling Palace
Laloo the Red Panda
Little Blue Jackal
Magnificent Travelling Palace

Laloo LLC, Niyaa, and Plane Tree Family Productions are story book app developers with stories from around the globe. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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