Highly Anticipated Overkill 2 Video Game App Preview on PreApps

[prMac.com] Boston, Massachusetts – Today, mobile app preview site, PreApps, announced that the highly anticipated app Overkill 2 is now available for preview, rating, and beta testing on their site. Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones, it is the second installment of the Overkill series, the first received over 11 million downloads.

PreApps, the exclusive site to discover new apps coming soon for iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Windows Phone, is the leader in the app preview market.

The upcoming Overkill 2 app features over 30 high definition 3D gun models with upgrades, three maps filled with intensive action, and two play modes. The app features new game mechanics (medkits and armour upgrades), fine tuned gameplay, a new grenadier unit, and survival mode.

“Without bragging too much, we can say Overkill 2 provides the most brilliant shooting experience currently available on mobile. Hands down. It’s so easy to control you just know that’s the way shooters on mobiles were meant to be,” said Daniel Craneballs, the developer.

Controls may be easy, but the gameplay itself is something different. Every step has a consequence–losing points. This unique combination of basic controls and challenging gameplay is what makes Overkill 2 a bestseller among mobile app shooter games.

“We are very excited about Overkill 2,” said Sean Casto, CEO of PreApps. “Essential to the mobile app experience is the video game. Among the very best of them out there is Overkill 2. We know that there is excitement about the release of this app and we look forward to giving them a chance to preview the game, view the demo video, participate in user surveys, and comment on the game and its features.”

PreApps is the site for users to opt in and get notified instantly of the new app’s release. Overkill 2 is scheduled for release on April 4, 2013. More information can be found on its official preview page on PreApps’ website.

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Overkill 2 Preview
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