Heritage Foods launches immunity boosting ginger, tulsi, turmeric milk variants in pet bottles

 While the Ginger Milk is good for thermoregulatory, thrombotic and respiratory functions of the body, Tulsi Milk has got tulsi extract, sabja (Sweet Basil) seeds and mint extract and is good for immunity and turmeric has got good antimicrobial property.

The dairy company seeks to attract discerning consumers seeking immunity boosting options. These products have 90 days of shelf life and are free from artificial preservatives. They are available at modern retail stores, e-commerce platforms and at select Heritage parlours.

New ice cream flavours
Heritage Foods has also launched new flavours in ice creams, cookies, cream, Berry Ripple and Caramel Ripple.

Brahmani Nara, Executive Director, said, “We are excited to launch healthy products, which helps in building immunity. The pandemic has really fuelled innovation across the world. Heritage Foods is always at the forefront of consumers’ health and happiness, which can only be achieved by bringing innovative products at the right time.”

“As these help build immunity, there is no better time than now, where the entire family needs to have healthy and nutritious products to build immunity,” she said.

The company has launched Heritage TUCH App in Hyderabad where consumers can order all milk and milk products online through this App at their convenience of staying at home.

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