Hemponest Adds Sustainable Fashion Brands Like B-Label and Hempkari

Amidst the global pandemic that flabbergasted the world, Hemponest was launched earlier this year on June 1st. Hemponest is an online marketplace for Hemp and CBD Product Manufacturers to sell their wide variety of products across India. With the world paused amidst Quarantine and Isolation, finding an apt marketplace to sell products has been a high obstacle for companies from all the sectors.

Hemponest comes ahead with an objective to provide a digital store selling all the varieties of hemp products to your doorstep anywhere across India. It is a new business that advocates the goodness of the long-forgotten legend, hemp. The Hemp and CBD products available at our store come only with apex quality from recognized brands with no frauds. Before putting up the products on our store online, we make sure that they are manufactured within the legal limits permitted by the Government.

Hemponest Collaborates with B-Label and Hempkari
The mindless era of fast fashion has been one amidst the leading origin of pollution and increasing landfills today. People from the fashion industries started a movement called ‘Sustainable fashion’ a few years ago to reduce the rapidly filling pits because of the waste from the industry. The movement focuses on promoting and encouraging the uses of organic and sustainable fabric that cause as little as possible damage to the environment.

Hempkari and B-label are the leading producers of sustainable fabric in India. The focus is to produce textiles made from the organic fibers of hemp while advocating sustainable fashion. While people all across the world are coming ahead to accept sustainable and ethical fashion over fast fashion, the demand for organic fabric has been sky-rocketing.

Recently Hemponest joined hands with Hempkari and B-label to avail our customers a chance to buy eco-friendly made only with hemp fibers. Hemponest added renowned manufacturers of hemp fabric as its partner to advocate eco-friendly fashion.

Hempkari, commonly known as the Hempkari Clothing Limited Liability Partnership firm was first launched last year in the month of October. The firm comes with an aim to promote sustainable fashion sense amidst people by producing hemp fiber-based fabric. Directed by Abhiraj Singh, Hempkari is a brand with great reviews by the customers nationwide.

Alike Hempkari, B-label is an equally celebrated brand that manufactures eco-friendly derived from fibers. The objective of the company is to support sustainable fashion. Contrary to the misconceptions spread worldwide, clothes made from Hemp fibers are extremely comfortable to wear. The wide variety of apparels made from hemp fibers are quite loved by the consumers everywhere.

Our Other Products
Several products induced with hemp and CBD extracts are shelved under different categories on the official website of Hemponest. The leading manufacturers and sellers can contact us to access a reliable platform to sell their products online across India. It lets you choose the hemp and CBD product as per your need and preference from the following categories.

• Grooming & personal care
• Health & wellness
• CBD products
• Accessories
• Hemp products
• Apparels & clothing
• Food & nutrition
• Others

Search your browser for hemponest right away and choose your favorite hemp and CBD products now.

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