HealthExeData, the First Database Provider to Construct a Transparent Hospital Mailing List

At HealthExeData, they have been providing companies with healthcare-related databases for the past decade. The company recently launched a Hospital Mailing List and announced it to be the most transparent email list the market has ever provided. The company claims the database to be an all opt-in.

It means the database is compiled and constructed entirely on data that is collected, with permission and consent. It also enables businesses to connect with prospects while they are expecting them.

An all opt-in email list can provide businesses with an experience that is more than a mere cold emailing experience. The Product Innovation Head of HealthExeData said while the launch of Hospital Mailing List:

“While we were constructing the Hospital Mailing List, it was the longest time absorber than any of our other data. This email list was to show our customers that the list they use would more mean cold emailing their prospects but will be a process of customer relationship development. After the responses we received from our customers after they utilized this email list, we are motivated to create all transparent lists at the earliest”

Hospitals in the USA are estimated to grow by another 1.6% in the coming year. It means an increased number of hospitals to target by businesses who want to sell. But the core challenge for these businesses comes when they are already lagging in connecting with the existing hospitals. There are 6,146 hospitals in the USA, and with the increasing baby boomers in the USA, it is a known fact that the importance of hospitals is bound to increase.

The Hospital Mailing List covers 90% of all the hospitals in the USA. The company also said the main motive behind their Hospital Mailing List was to serve the businesses that are already lagging in connecting with existing hospitals. Once the businesses connect with existing hospitals in the United States, they will have the ability to collaborate with the upcoming hospitals effortlessly.

When the Hospital Mailing List was released as the only transparent email list in the market, the buyers of the email list were excessive in number. It led to more businesses buying this email list. The company received various responses and feedbacks after the use of the email list stating, their content in it and the requirement for more data that were similar to this based on their business requirements.

Adam Rogers, from a big scale Pharma, said, “We have not gained an email list like this before, this email list kept us away from spams, blacklists, and led us directly to the hospitals and even got us responses like never before in our business. The email marketing campaign had become a piece of cake with what we had in hand,”

About HealthExeData:
HealthExeData is a company that provides businesses with prospects and customer data that they require the most for re-establishing customer relationships, building new customer relationships, and educating potential buyers in the market. They are one of the very few database providers who only focus and fulfilling the need of healthcare marketers in the industry and making their marketing process a simple and fast one.

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