HealthExeData Bridges the Gap between X-Ray Laboratories and Laboratory Device Manufacturers with the Brand New X-Ray Laboratories Email List

HealthExeData, a company that has been in the production and supply process of healthcare industry contact data for businesses all over the globe. In the first half of this year, the company released an X-Ray Laboratories Email List, which was meant for better customer relationships and marketing processes in the healthcare industry.

The X-Ray Laboratories Email List’s motive was served when it was sold to over 150 businesses in the United States alone. The list contained over 100,000 X-Ray Laboratories contact data, which came along with a phone number, email address, mailing address, fax, and full names. It also enabled businesses with the ability to initiate multi-channel marketing with the source at their fingertips.

The United States conducts a total of 152.8 million procedures on fixed general x-ray systems every year. These procedures have turned out to be one of the most critical procedures in the USA and still have termed to grow. It has, in turn, led to more businesses and trying to reach them to cater to their businesses’ requirements.

The Business Development Manager of HealthExeData said, “There are 6,500 medical device manufacturers in the United States alone, and when we recognized that, we thought to ourselves, why anyone isn’t doing anything to satisfy their demand. It turned out to us producing an extensive X-Ray Laboratories Email List, which would have all the details these medical device manufacturers would have all the requirements at their fingertips for a well-equipped marketing process.”

The release of the X-Ray Laboratories Email List resulted in immediate sales in the market. 70% of the medical device manufacturers bought the X-Ray Laboratories Email List and 53% out of that number witnessed significant responses. Out of the many companies that outsourced the X-Ray Laboratories Email List, many reached out to the company with positive feedbacks.

Here is what one of the users of the new email list said to the company. “Outsourcing the X-Ray Laboratories Email List was cheap and happened in no time, but the benefits we reaped from it were tremendous. We could connect with X-Ray Laboratories all over our niche market to increase leads and customers effortlessly. Thanks to HealthExeData for providing us with this robust database,”

About HealthExeData:
HealthExeData, a well-established database provider headquartered in the United States of America, has been a provider for the accurate and full-fledged database in the market. Along with its database services, the company also is a provider for appending and data management services. It has been another reason for their growth.

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