HD Retina Graphics and iCloud for Popular Kids iBook Stories

[prMac.com] Melbourne, Australia – 123 Number Fun today announce interactive iBooks by popular Children’s Author Jane Hague, have been updated to support Apple high resolution Retina display and iCloud support for viewing across multiple iOS devices.

Updates Include:
* iCloud support, resume the book in another device
* A full page index for easy navigation
* Higher image resolution for retina display on iPad 2 and iPhone 4
* Improved page turning in “read myself mode”
* Access the counting practice pad from the start and finish of the book
* Integral privacy policy

Stories from Number Town is a ten part series of delightful children’s stories that bring numbers and counting to life using fun characters that inspire young learners. Number recognition and counting are important early learning skills. Stories from Number Town represents each number in a fun pictorial way that young children find easy to understand.These simple stories and delightful illustrations provide an effective way for parent and child to explore numbers, basic maths and reading skills in everyday situations.

“The Great Snail Race”
A story about Little Tilly Two and the Great Snail Race at Number Town School. Tilly finds the smallest snail, she names him Toffee. Learn about counting and number sequence.

“123 Shape Up Number Town”
Sally Seven the Sports Star encourages everyone in Number Town to get fit and healthy. This story features time and includes a interactive clock to help kids learn how to tell the time.

“The Harvest Festival”
Come and celebrate the Harvest Festival in Number Town with Nun Nine and friends.
Nun Nine collects food for the poor and sorts everything into groups.

“A Very Busy Week”
Bonjour, my little ones. I’m Nurse Trixie Six and I am busy, busy, busy! So many people are sick in Number Town this week. Come and count how many patients I see and look for the hidden number 6 on each page.

As you read to your child encourage them to find examples of number two in the illustrations, the more they find the happier they will be! This book also incorporates an interactive counting pad to help young children practice counting.

Stories from Number Town books feature a professional narration along with three reading formats depending on the child’s ability. In addition touch sound effects and page animation provide a rich reading experience for all young learners.

Pricing and Availability:
Stories from Number Town kids book apps are available for $2.99 USD and are priced accordingly in other regions and are available worldwide through the App Store in the Books category. Please visit our web site for more detailed press information and images.123 Number Fun Pty
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123 Number Fun Pty Ltd is a indepentant software and publishing company based in Melbourne Australia and was formed in 2010 by Jane Hague to market the Number Fun range of educational books, flash cards and mobile apps. Copyright (C) 2011 / 123 Number Fun Pty Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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