Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower 1.8.4 Is Monstrously Entertaining

[prMac.com] Shanghai, China – The creative developer Haypi Co., Ltd. actively updates all of their games. Now the latest update of Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower is available for free download from iTunes. Patch 1.8.4 is now out, with lots of new content and great optimizations which ensure super amusing gameplay.

Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower is one of the amazing Haypi games, which has been a great hit in Europe and North America for the last few years. It’s an EDU game based on the Pokemon theme. Players can collect hundreds of critters with various talents and skills. The battles are monstrously fun and challenging. The players are monster tamers and trainers. In the game, they have to fill in the monster encyclopedia with all monsters, and save the tormented lands from the evil.

In Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower 1.8.4, players can go to a cool in-game Shop, where they can get Scrolls, Skill Books, in-game silver currency and even monsters! Sometimes players can even get skill books, epic scrolls and legendary fragments as item drops in certain levels! Along with the optimization of shopping, the Daily rewards have been modified, as well. New fun rules have been introduced to the magic world, in relation to the in-game activities, such as World Boss, Bounty Hunter, World Boss, Team Mode, Dailies. Players will get lots of master points after defeating the final Boss. Now there are more suitable tasks, which will lead the players to advance in the game. Now it’s much easier to get skill books, epic scrolls and legendary fragments as gifts in the game, because most of them are available for drop when players spin the lucky Wheels. The spins can sometimes bring epic monsters scrolls, and the possibility is quite high right now!

In the new Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower 1.8.4, the monsters show new abilities. To create a better balance of power, all stats have been optimized,. A significant tuning up of all talents took place in the magic world, and now battles will be absolutely breath-taking. The training system and the skill books have been altered to create better gameplay. Besides, a new monster has joined the Haypi family. The new powerful monster Furonkey is now in the team, and all trainers are trying to get him. There have also been some modifications to the rarity of the monsters. All tamers want to get the rarest critters!

Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower 1.8.4 can show off many optimizations, which make the game even more exciting. To begin with, the UI and some other interfaces like chat have been redone and optimized. A better Tutorial is available now. Coins package has been revised. To help players make more achievements, the cost of Special Synthesis has been reduced significantly. To further help the newbies, Level Rush is now open immediately after passing the levels, not just as a VIP privilege. The fun from fighting the battles is increased now, as Battle animation is speeded up and it’s not only a privilege for VIP users. Apart from that, the use of Resurrection cards is available at any time during battle, and there is no need to activate it with coins. And the monster EXP from the levels is calculated in a much better way.

There is a lot of player interaction in Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower. In version 1.8.4, the rules about climbing up the ladder have been improved. New rewards for the Ladder Tournament await the monster tamers. Now the players get to play more of their favorite tournament, because they are allowed to purchase more attempts. Climbing or descending floors depends on the Weekly Ladder Tournament Score instead of the Weekly PVP score, so the fairness in the game is improved. And now, a new competition for prestige will start! The Prestige details for all the accounts are reset and all players are on the start line for the great challenge for glory.

Haypi Co., Ltd. has released another great update of Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower. The developer often expresses their appreciation and love for the fans. It’s suitable for people from any age or walks of life. It can entertain anyone who wants to be a hero!

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 6.0 or later
* 76.9 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower 1.8.4 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.Haypi Monster: The Lost Tower 1.8.4
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Haypi Co., Ltd. is a private company founded in 2008 and based in China. Haypi is the creator of many iOS games, including Haypi Kingdom, Haypi Dragon, Haypi Monster, Haypi Monster: the Lost Tower, Haypi Pirates, Haypi Adventure: Kingdom of Glory, Haypi Kingdom: The Return of the King. All Haypi games have been downloaded million times by players from around the world. Copyright (C) 2015 Haypi Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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