Have a Smart Day! – See the Forest and the Trees With This New iBook

[prMac.com] Seattle, Washington – Left Coast Logic announced the publication of Have A Smart Day!, an interactive guide to organizing your life smartly, one day at a time. Author Michael Jardine employs instructive videos, slideshows, and pop-out graphics to illustrate how to gain control of each day while understanding ‘how it all fits’ into the bigger picture. The company’s free browser-based organizer, mySmartDay.com, automates the process.

Have A Smart Day! introduces the concept of an integrated calendar that shows not only events, but also the tasks that can fit into your day. By seeing everything in one consolidated view, you can increase your productivity while gaining peace of mind.

“It all started in 2008 with the launch of SmartTime for iPhone,” says Jardine, “That app now has over one million downloads. It is popular because it integrates tasks into the free time between your events, so you can see exactly what you can accomplish each day. Now, SmartDay takes that one step further by integrating Notes and Projects into the equation, so you can see the forest as well as the trees.”

The book includes chapters that explain Jardine’s philosophies on the integrated calendar, the smart task list, on the importance of connecting notes, and on effectively managing projects. He also provides tips for effective time management based on what type of person you are.

Have A Smart Day! was produced using Apple’s free iBook Author software, which is designed for creating interactive textbooks and visual guides. “We thought iBook Author would be the ideal platform for explaining our philosophy on productivity in a fun and easy way, now that we have a free web-based organizer that anyone can use,” says co-founder James Reynolds.

Have A Smart Day! is available for download on iPad. The company’s free browser-based organizer, mySmartDay.com, also syncs with companion SmartDay apps for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.Have A Smart Day! 1.0
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