Halloween iPhone Favorite, Horror Stories, Sounds And Pranks, Is Free

[prMac.com] Toms River, New Jersey – Trick or Treat? Definitely a treat! 288 Vroom LLC announced their top selling 200+ Horror Stories, Sounds And Pranks for iPhone, iPod touch and iPod is now free for a limited time in the spirit of Halloween! So much more than its extensive library of some of the scariest horror and ghost stories ever, this app also brings the horror experience to life and sets the mood with more than 40 haunting sounds, pranks you can play on your friends AND on yourself, spooky animations, plus horrifyingly hilarious surprises all designed to make your hair stand on end!

Here’s some of the features of the app:
* The Stories are some of the greatest fright fests of all time by some of the greatest authors of all time, including Ghost Stories, Tales Of The Supernatural, Classic Gothic, Vampires, Werewolves, Monsters, and so much more. Authors include Edgar Allan Poe, Bram Stoker, Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, Robert Louis Stevenson, Washington Irving, Charles Dickens, Henry James, Sir Arthur Conan, Mark Twain, H. G. Wells, H. P. Lovecraft, and many more. Stories and books include Dracula, Dracula’s Guest, Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde, Legend Of Sleepy Hollow, Fall Of The House Of Usher, The Oblong Box, A Christmas Carol, Phantom Of The Opera, Turn Of The Screw, The Canterville Ghost, The Picture Of Dorian Gray, and many, many more.

* The Sounds are not your kids’ sound effects. The high-quality sounds of thunderstorms, screams, ghostly music, things that go bump in the night will set the perfect mood for a good horror story. There are currently over 40 Sounds that can be played while reading or anytime.

* “Auto-Scare” randomly plays sounds and scares at anytime making the app an even creepier experience!! Even if you’re not reading, just leave the app on for a scary atmosphere.

* The Pranks – seemingly harmless games that are really Pranks that you can scare your friends with.

* The Surprises – there are also a few surprises hidden throughout the app, that would be no fun to mention here so look around for them

Rave Reviews Around The World! Here’s what people in iTunes App Stores around the world are saying about 200+ Horror Stories, Sounds, And Pranks…

“Oh The Horror. I love this app! The horror stories are excellent, it keeps me wanting to read. I love the special sound and graphics affects.” – USA AppStore

“The best app I have. Really really good, so many features.” – UK App Store

“Lots of great authors and stories. The sound effects add a chill in the night.” – United Kingdom App Store

“I got the Sherlock Holmes app by the same developers that has a 5 star rating, knew straight away these were quality products. Bought this app and thank heavens I did, this is amazing for the money.” – Australia App Store

“Lots of suspenseful stories to keep u on the edge of your seat!” – Canada App Store

“Good spooky app for the money!” – UK App Store

“It’s a great app if you want to scare yourself and your friends” – Australia App Store

“Great App. From a teacher: Thanks for creating this app. Because of the sounds, pranks, etc., these stories are appealing to boys as well as to my most reluctant readers!” – United States Of America App Store

“Makes reading horror comics that much better. Awesome sound fx plus a collection of chilling stories makes this app a bloody goody way to spend an afternoon” – USA App Store

“Haunted. Hours of entertainment.” – U.S.A. App Store

“Great stories. Like the sound effects!” – USA App Store

“This app truly is haunted I love it sooooooooo much.” – USA App Store

“It may sound corny but the scary tic tac toe game scared me!” – USA App Store

“Excellent! Spooky, old stories with tons of atmosphere. This is one of my favorite aps for Halloween.” – USA App Store

“Great work. I love Halloween and this app gets me in the “spirit” of the holiday. I read the stories before I go to sleep…very enjoyable!” – USA App Store

“This is a 5 star app great story’s and u can’t get any better then really people telling them” – USA App Store

“Cool. You certainly get your money worth and you can do a lot of things.” – USA App Store

“Spooky. I love the sounds that come with it especially!” – USA App Store

“Amazing!!!!!!!!!!! i went to a sleepover and i used these sounds in the middle of the night. this app is perfect for pranks.” – USA App Store

“Scary. Exactly what I was looking for! 🙂 It’s scary and your best friend when it comes to pranks” – USA App Store

“Fun and Scary! This app gives me the creeps…still love it tho! It’s the best way to enjoy ghost stories and to give yourself a scare!” – USA App Store

“Ghost stories galore! I love ghost stories and all the classics are here, plus a few extra bits. Wicked!” – UK App Store

And Many, Many More Rave Reviews In iTunes App Stores Around The World. Check out 200+ Horror Stories, Sounds, And Pranks in the iTunes App Store now.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone and iPod touch
* Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later
* 96.5 MB

Pricing and Availability:
200+ Horror Stories, Sounds And Pranks 6.9 is Free for a limited time and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Books category. Review copies are available upon request. All future updates, including story and sound additions, are included with initial purchase.200+ Horror Stories, Sounds And Pranks 6.9
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Based in Toms River, New Jersey, 288 Vroom LLC is a privately held corporation founded in 2009 by G.L. Levine. With over ten years development experience at major pharmaceutical and wireless companies, G.L.’s aim is developing unique and useful software for the iPhone platform, complemented by first-class customer support. An aspiring fiction writer, G.L. felt that with his development experience and love of literature, starting the company by creating book apps were a logical first step. As the company grew, so did the variety and sophistication of the apps. Today 288 Vroom has a growing library of popular Book apps and is expanding into other areas like Reference and Game apps. Copyright (C) 2015 / 288 Vroom LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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