Half8Fish LLC releases Videux 1.2 for macOS – Powerful Video Organizer

[prMac.com] Boca Raton, Florida – Half8Fish LLC is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Videux version 1.2 for macOS. Videux is an organizer, player, and workflow assistant for video that is highly optimized to get tens of thousands of videos organized and ready for editing. Videux is an indispensable tool for stock videographers and people with large video libraries.

With effective organizational features, Videux can handle just about any video collection with ease, tagging them with keywords, ratings, and flags. Videux keeps track of model releases, license agreements, metadata, and much more, making it easy to see at a glance the state of your video library. This free upgrade is packed with new features and functionality: transcoding, proxies, keywords enhancements, in/out points, markers and more:

* Named markers and in/out points are now supported, and exported to Final Cut Pro X (Premiere Pro support coming soon). In/out points can now be used to trim clips. Markers can also be used to export still frames. In/out points and markers are shown on the player, and can be edited or deleted.

* Keywording is significantly enhanced with keyword suggestions and auto-complete. Keywords can now be renamed globally. In the filter view, keywords now can scroll and there is a new search function to find keywords. This allows Videux to support tens of thousands of keywords.

* Videux now supports transcoding of video clips, in batch. Transcoded clips are automatically added to the catalog. Major encodings and containers are supported, with more options on the way.

* Users can now make proxies for better playback of difficult to play clips. An example would be a 4K MPEG2; on slower computers this format can be choppy. By creating a proxy, playback is smooth at all speeds, making it easier to review clips.

* Trimming clips is now supported, and can operate on many sections of multiple clips. Trimmed clips are added to the catalog
* Extracting still frames (JPG or PNG) is supported, in batch
* A major database optimization means faster response when dealing with large catalogs
* Added ‘add keyword’ shortcut and menu item
* More file types supported
* Like all of our new versions, this upgrade is free to existing customers

“If you’ve ever used Adobe’s Lightroom for stills, Videux offers similar functionality for video files: you can ingest and catalogue your footage, assigning star ratings and keyword metadata to make sure it’s searchable (and crucially, findable) in the future.” – Elliott Smith; News Shooter

Videux ships in three flavors: Videux Pro DL (full version, downloaded from videux.com), Videux Pro AS (full version, Apple App Store), and Videux Play LT (player only version, Apple App Store).

Videux Pro AS and Videux Pro DL:
* Videux Pro AS and Pro DL versions include all of the following features:
* Import by File menu or drag-drop
* Import Final Cut Pro X or iMovie libraries
* Import Premiere Pro Projects (Pro DL Version)
* Player: Plays most modern video formats, more being added contiuously
* Fast clip-to-clip movement
* Multi speed playback, both directions
* Fullscreen mode
* Frame accurate timecode display
* Skimming playhead
* Set ratings and picked status
* Collections
* Can be nested
* Default collection makes adding clips very fast
* Keywording with autocomplete and suggestions
* Freeform metadata
* Detailed video info display
* Track and attach licenses and releases
* Action history
* Powerful filter based search
* Search text (includes metadata)
* Picked status
* Ratings
* Keywords, search
* Resolution
* Frame rate
* Directories
* Collections
* iMovie libraries
* Final Cut Pro X libraries
* Premiere Pro projects
* License agreements
* Model releases
* Imports
* Playlists
* Any combination of clip types
* Clips can repeated
* Playlists can be fullscreen and loop for a kiosk
* Export to Final Cut Pro X with keywords and metadata
* Export to Premiere Pro or After Effects
* Named markers and in/out points, exported to Final Cut Pro X
* Transcoding of video clips, in batch.
* Proxy generation, in batch
* Trimming clips, in batch
* Extracting still frames (JPG or PNG), in batch

Announcing Videux – Video Organizer, Player and Workflow Assistant

Videux Play LT:
The Play LT version is different in that it includes primarily only the player portion of Videux, along with the ability to pick/cull, rate and sort video. The player includes the same features as the full versions, with multi-speed and fullscreen playback, and skimming playhead. Videux Play LT can be upgraded with in-app purchases to be equivalent to Videux Pro AS. Priced at just $4.99, Videux Play LT is the easiest to use, most enjoyable video player for the Mac.

System Requirements:
* 64bit Intel Mac running El Capitan, Sierra or later

Pricing and How to Buy:
Videux Pro DL – The full version, available as a download with a 7 day trial:
Videux Pro DL Introductory Pricing $99.99 (USD)

Videux Pro AS – The full App Store version:
Videux Pro AS on the App Store Introductory Pricing $99.99 (USD)

Videux Play LT – The player only version, with in-app purchases
Videux Play LT on the App Store Introductory Pricing $4.99 (USD)Videux 1.2
More Information
Videux Pro AS on Mac App Store
Videux Play LT on Mac App Store
Purchase Online
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