Gursharan Kaur Founder of Mera Mann Featured in Forbes India 2020

She believes in “tere bhaane sarbat da bhalla” – by God’s grace everyone should prosper

“When I was in my Mother Womb I was so secure and happy.
When I was a Kid I got happier seeing so many people helping people.
When I grew Older enough to see through things, my happiness began to fade away, I was disheartened to see people dealing alone with their problems, thoughts, situations.
When I figured out that Depression, Mental Health, Stress, Anxiety, and Loneliness need the same mother’s womb, I CONCEIVED MERA MANN.

Mera Mann is Me, My Words, My Time, My Presence, My Intention to Guide, and Heal people from Depression and help them in their personal growth. Guide them in finding the purpose of their lives. If they find their purpose 50% of the task is done to lead a happy life” – says GURSHARAN KAUR

Gursharan Kaur started as Motivational Speaker in 2015 and turned into a Life Coach, she has healed 80 people till date from Depression without any medicines. She started off by giving special lectures in colleges and schools in Delhi and NCR without charging any fees.

Her bad life experiences made her learn the lessons and the pain of being alone is known to her, which helps her understand other people’s emotions easily.

In her words “ I don’t want to see anyone in that state of mind, where once I was, trust me that state is hell”

Mera Mann is an online platform operated by Gursharan Kaur herself.
She helps people to help themselves to come out of Depression, Sadness, Loneliness and help them, help themselves.

She takes up Personal Counselling Sessions, Conduct Webinars to serve the same purpose.

There are 2 core Visions of Mere Mann:

1. Introduce Mental Healing Lectures in college and universities. Gursharan says – “ this is the time of age where students’ brain, life, perspective start to change. Through my lectures, I want to prepare their mind for the storms.”

2. Her goal is to grow “Mera Mann” as a Home where Life Coaches like her will be there 24/7. Mera Mann is that state of mind in sync with your state of mind in which you will never be alone while you heal yourself. Mera Mann would never leave that grey area of time or situation where bad thoughts pour in.

“Mere Mann Chahta hai ki sabka Mann Khush Rahe” – Gursharan Kaur

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Contact Information

Name – Samaira
email – info ( @ ) mera-mann dot com
Phone – +91- 7042525379
Address – Faridabad

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