GST Suvidha Center Launched Pictoric App

1. What is Pictoric App

* Application is a One-Stop solution that solves every problem related to GST Suvidha Center Franchise Creatives, Videoes, Marketing materials, etc.
This App is Solenly build for the Franchise owners and in support of their convenience towards the access for marketing material regarding the services of the franchise.

2. Pictoric App Use

* The Pictoric App can only be downloaded from Google Play Store and provides the user with the multiple options for downloading and sharing all the creatives provided for the guidance of business such as training videoes, informative videos, videos related to their business plus it also gives the option to share and download all the creatives i.e all the post, graphics available on every social media made for the convenience of availability of information.

3. Pictoric App Benefits

* This App will resolve queries and discomfort of lack of information, miscommunication, and absence of knowledge regarding the business, With this one app GST Franchise owners, can easily share the data regarding their business with their client, create a better market presence, learn about the services in fast and easy mode anytime and anyplace.

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