GoodReader SDK Available to iPhone and iPad App Developers

[] Topeka, Kansas – GoodReader, the world’s best-selling document reader for iPhone and iPad, now offers a Software Development Kit (SDK), enabling 3rd-party software developers for the iPhone or iPad to take advantage of GoodReader’s powerful file viewing and annotation capabilities, as well as GoodReader’s versatile server access options. The SendToGoodReader SDK enables developers to offer their own customers the ability to send files and folders directly to GoodReader for reading and PDF annotation, without having to go through any menus, then receive an annotated PDF file back to their app once the user is done with it.

Good.iWare, the developer of GoodReader, has often been asked by software development companies to allow them to use GoodReader’s market-leading PDF reading and annotation technologies in their own apps. For developers whose apps produce readable data files, such as PDFs downloaded from secure corporate servers or files with some app-specific data generated on-the-fly, the ability to offer their customers the same high level of reading and annotating experience as GoodReader provides is a huge advantage.

SendToGoodReader SDK provides a quick and convenient way to pass files and folders from third-party apps directly to GoodReader and, optionally, save those files back to the originating app. The process of sending files to GoodReader and receiving them back does not require an internet connection, providing a smooth transfer of files between apps without users worrying about incurring additional charges, or contending with slow or missing internet connections. It also doesn’t force users to go through a menu with a selection of target apps, making the transfer process a convenient one-click operation.

“Until now, iOS offered the only way to exchange files between apps on the same device – the “Open In…” function,” said Yuri Selukoff, president of Good.iWare. “We believe that our SDK offers a more advanced and convenient way of providing GoodReader’s file viewing and annotation capabilities to users of other apps.”

Using SendToGoodReader SDK, developers will not only be able to transfer single files one-by-one, but also complex collections of files and folders containing an entire hierarchy of data. With just a click of the “Save Back” button within GoodReader, the annotated file will be quickly saved back to the originating app. This entire process happens without users having to go through an extra step of selecting a target app from a system menu, such as using the standard “Open In…” functionality.

“We hope app developers will appreciate the ease-of-use of our SDK design, and believe such cooperation and app integration will result in a great benefit for their customers,” Selukoff says.

About GoodReader:
Since its release, the iPad version of GoodReader has achieved #1 in sales in the U.S., Canada, France, Germany, Spain and many others. GoodReader is known as the top document reader for viewing, navigating and annotating large PDF documents on an iPhone and iPad. Besides its annotate and text search capabilities, other key GoodReader features are active hyperlinks, which enable users to more easily navigate within the document or launch a linked document or website, and PDF Reflow. GoodReader has also set the standard for iOS document readers in the enterprise, offering a high level of document security and synchronization with remote servers. Versions of GoodReader for iPhone and iPad are available in the App Store for $4.99.Software Development Kit
GoodReader for iPad in the App Store
GoodReader for iPhone in the App Store

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