GoodReader Price Reduced for Back-to-School

[] San Francisco, California – As the new school year is underway for most students, many are looking to replace heavy textbooks and binders of printed papers with electronic devices on smartphones and tablets. GoodReader 5 is the document reading app all iPhone and iPad using students need and, to enable more students to use GoodReader, the company has temporarily reduced its price to $.99 from its regular price of $5.99.

For the past ten years, GoodReader has offered students and working professionals a simple yet powerful interface for viewing documents on an iPhone or iPad. GoodReader has become famous for the way it opens very large files as easily as tiny ones, enabling students to quickly open large electronic textbooks.

While students know marking up printed textbooks is not usually a good idea, GoodReader allows them to markup their digital textbooks or assignments by entering text boxes, notes, lines, arrows, and more right over the existing information. This feature is significant for students who have their textbooks available in PDF format as they can now add notes directly to the page as needed. After making notes on the PDF, a summary of all annotations can be emailed to classmates, the teacher or to the user’s own email account, without sending the actual file.

Another consideration for textbooks is the ability to extract select pages from huge documents, and then do whatever needed with them for the assignment – such as store it as a separate file, or just email it to classmates or the teacher. This feature could be useful for teachers who need to distribute one particular chapter or article from a huge book.

Teachers and college professors can also upload files to a cloud service and have students open them directly in GoodReader. Then the students can answer questions or make corrections and then send them back to the teacher.

Another useful feature for students is Split Screen view – offering the ability to open two documents at once. Those two documents could be the same file opened in two different places. This capability is a big advantage for students using textbooks with a lot of cross-references from chapter to chapter.

GoodReader is known throughout the world as the top document reader for viewing, navigating and annotating large PDF documents on an iPhone and iPad. GoodReader aims to deliver the most file viewing and sharing options, while remaining secure and simple to use. GoodReader masterfully handles very large PDF and TXT files, high-resolution pictures and other graphic files, and all file formats supported by Safari engine, including Microsoft Office files. Other file types include iWork’08/09 files (Pages, Numbers, and Keynote), .ai files saved with PDF Compatible option, and audio and video files natively supported by iOS.

A design feature that sets GoodReader apart is its laptop-like file management system that gives users a true computing style experience even when they are only equipped with GoodReader on an iPad. GoodReader has also set the standard for iOS document readers in the enterprise, offering a high level of document security and synchronization with remote servers.

GoodReader will be available on the App Store at its reduced price of $.99 (USD) for two weeks. For more information on usability features, visit them online.GoodReader 5.1.5
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