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[] Ratingen, Germany – Kickstarter currently hosts GoodGrid, a project from TheKeptPromise (aka Vogelbusch & Co). We are a company of friends located in Germany who created Create Booklet, the #1 booklet app and MyTeeth known from Apple’s iPhone Ad “Parenthood.” We chose to use Kickstarter for this special project, because doing something innovative is quite impossible without backing.

What is GoodGrid?
GoodGrid is the worlds first “Slicing App”, which means that instead of manipulating pixel or layouting objects, it works by cutting a given canvas. This creates shapes that hold a stack of layers, that can even be shared amongst shapes. This way you will be able to create Collages, Polyscape, and many more photo or color based art forms from Abstract to Informalism including work like Piet Mondrian. No more will people have to choose between the speed of a collage app or the flexibility of a pixel power tool, they will instantly have both and much much more.

The flexibility, ease of use and speed comes from 3 parts:
* A playful slicing engine: With many tools, crazy flexible snapping and all with realtime preview. All done by a smart geometry engine
* A special layer engine, for images, pattern, gradients, color in any combination and composition
* Vectorial PDF export to continue working in e.g. affinityPhoto

Is “New” Good?
As mentioned “New” is extremely hard to make known, but worth it. We know it will be amazing for Collages, Polyscape etc. but we have no idea what other beautiful art will come from it, like George Lucas did not know what Photoshop would bring when he sold it to Adobe. We are super excited to see to what creations it will inspire people. GoodGrid seduces everyone to become creative. For professionals GoodGrid is a boon of productivity, saving hundreds or hours while allowing them to focus on the creation.

How did it come to be?!?
It’s the crazy combination of a Maths PhD and a Photographer being friends. When that photographer got married the photos presentation needed that little extra, so we wrote a small tool … we instantly noticed we were on to something fantastic.

Whats Next?
As soon as the Kickstarter financial goal is reached we will release a Beta because this app is for the Mac community and it should include their feature wishes, too. When the app is out, it’s up to the people (like us) who fall in love with it, to begin playing and creating with GoodGrid, to show what is possible on a Mac now.TheKeptPromise
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TheKeptPromise, home of apps like MyTeeth (featured by Apple in their “parenthood” TV ad), is an app development company based in Ratingen/Germany and creates software that lives up to its promise. The company develops solutions in areas they feel the customer needs are not met. TheKeptPromise is a start-up of award winning professionals who have published scientific papers, have had photos selected by National Geographic, 1px and more. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2017 TheKeptPromise. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh and Mac OS X are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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