Good Bye Thumb Drive and Welcome File Assistant App

[] Based in Singapore – With Hex Studio releasing the File Assistant – Files Browser and Documents Manager iPhone app on 18 January 2013, the era of thumb drive is coming to the end soon. File Assistant turns iPhone into a storage device where user can store files in iPhone by transferring files from PC wirelessly. Other than functioning as a storage device, it is also a file browser, file viewer, and all-in-one document manager.

With File Assistant, iPhone users can now do a lot of task that previously cannot be achieved with their thumb drive. Users can create folders and arrange their files neatly in multi-level folders by copy and move files from one folder to another. User can view different types of documents in their iPhone. Essential documents like Images, Microsoft office documents, Apple office documents, text, pdf, web page and audio can be opened in the app itself. Users can also create text, capture images and record voice memo and share them through email. If the files are too big, users can zip them before sending them out. All this can be done in iPhone with the help of File Assistant App.

File Assistant also provides security lock. Users can set the password to prevent others from accessing the app.

Users might forget to bring their thumb drive but they are unlikely to forget to bring their phone along.

The features of File Assistant are more superior to thumb drive, it will help its user in achieving their file management need and eventually their business need.

From 18 January 2013 until 20 January 2013, File Assistant is completely free. Usual price of File Assistant is $3.99 (USD).File Assistant 1.0
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