Genealogy for Mac: MacFamilyTree 7.6 released – 50% discount

[] Mainz, Germany – Another major new version of MacFamilyTree 7 has just been released – already the fifth huge and free update for the popular genealogy application. MacFamilyTree 7.6 offers a new source management, the person analysis report, and a new fractal ancestor chart. In addition to these new features, version 7.6 also comes with lots of other improvements.

New source management:
Managing your sources becomes even more versatile and useful in MacFamilyTree 7.6. Add notes to source citations, rate the quality and evidence of a source, or browse your sources by using the much-improved source overview. See all sources attached to family or person events at a glance. You can also copy and paste source citations if you want to use them for multiple entries.

Person Analysis Report:
The person analysis report comes in handy for answering specific questions or seeing group traits: How many persons share the same occupation, eye color, or place of residency? MacFamilyTree gathers pieces of information from 18 different data sources in your family tree and presents the results in a comprehensive report. The report will also display some general statistics about your family tree.

Fractal Ancestor Chart:
Let MacFamilyTree 7.6 display all ancestors of a person in your family tree in a particular compact way. Just like all reports and views in MacFamilyTree, the new ancestor chart can be configured to your liking, too.

Further improvements:
* Greatly enhanced performance of person, family, source, and place edit sections
* Automatically assign place, county, state, and country names when searching for coordinates of places
* Improved sorting and display of dates B.C

System Requirements:
* MacFamilyTree 7.6 requires a Mac with OS X 10.7 Lion or later
* Some features, for example Statistics Maps, are only available on OS X Yosemite

Pricing and Availability:
MacFamilyTree 7.6 is a free update for all customers of MacFamilyTree 7 and can be downloaded or updated at the Mac App Store. For new customers MacFamilyTree 7.6 is offered with 50% and sells for just $24.99 (USD) until August 30th. There is a mobile version of MacFamilyTree available, too. It’s called MobileFamilyTree 7 and can be purchased separately at the iOS App Store.MacFamilyTree 7 (v7.6)
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