Gemtactix 2.0, a free multiplayer tactical board game for iOS & Android

[] London, United Kingdom – Time Tracer Limited is proud to announce the release of Gemtactix 2.0, an important feature update to their free tactical strategy board game – made with the Unity(R) game engine software and released for iOS and Android devices.

Gemtactix is an electronic version of a popular social mancala board game that has been played around the world. Gemtactix is a fun, social and tactical board game. The player’s objective is to win the game by moving their craft around the board to capture enough of the opponents golden gems to stop the opponent capturing their gems. The game ends when a player cannot capture anymore gems: The winner is the one with the most gems and gets to unlock gemstone treasures. There are 24 gemstone treasures to unlock plus one infinity move gem treasure that only a few will unlock.

Now with realtime multiplayer, players can challenge their friends or the world to a game match. In-game text chat is available during game play. The Gemtactix game is easy to learn as shown in the quick minute and twenty second YouTube demo video.

Player Game Levels:
Play against Galactic Control in three game levels or Play versus others around the world or your Facebook Friends:

L1 – Trainee Level: Player Versus Galactic Control Trainer.

L2 – Expert Level: Player Versus Galactic Control Expert.

L3 – Master Level: Player Versus Galactic Control Master.

Multiplayer – Player Versus World or Facebook Friends – internet connection required (WiFi or 3g+).

Multiplayer – Player Versus Mates in the pub, bar, cafe, restaurant, plane, beach … use the phone or tablet device just like the traditional board game (no internet connection needed).

Scores are based on the golden gems captured, the time taken and the difficulty level.

Game Graphics, Game Music and Special Effects:
Time Tracer Limited applies special effects, music and graphics to the board game to further enliven it. The theme of the game is space. For example in the Professional Level, background snow falling in space has a surreal effect when playing the game this together with the game play music is of a calming nature helping one to relax and think their way through the game. The game has victory music to accompany the thrill of winning and complementary solace music when a player loses a game. The music, sound effects and special effects can be turned off if desired.

Origins Of The Game:
The Gemtactix game is derived from mancala games originally played across Africa and the Middle East, in particular the variant mancala games played in Eastern and Central Africa. The origin of the games are a mystery: however what is known is that they have been played for many centuries as a social pastime for communities on Earth.

Supported Language:
* English together with pictorial icons that can be understood around the world.

Device Requirements:
* iOS V8.0 (iPhone, iPad & iPod touch).
* Android 4.1 (Phones and Tablets).

Pricing and Availability:
Gemtactix 2.0 is Free and available worldwide through the App Store and the Google Play Store in the Games category.Gemtactix 2.0
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YouTube Video (Gemtactix – How To Play)
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