GeekSuit Launches iBetaTest for iOS: Hassle-Free App Testing Service

[] Lake Dallas, Texas – GeekSuit today is pleased to announce the official launch of iBetaTest, their new hassle-free App Testing Service for all iOS developers. Designed to provide every iOS developer worldwide with a convenient and inexpensive beta testing solution, iBetaTest allows a developer to enlist any number of iDevice users from a large pool of vetted beta testers. All testers are enthusiastic, iOS end-users, who provide invaluable feedback on all aspects of an app in exchange for Promo Codes or iTunes Gift Cards.

Connecting developers and testers through its website-based service is only half of what the iBetaTest App Testing Service offers. Just as vital is the simplified, trouble-free method that enables testers to successfully install the ad hoc builds provided by developers for testing.

iBetaTest is the newest addition to the highly successful services already offered by GeekSuit, which include MacDeveloper, MacScripter, and the popular OS X/iOS centric, press release distribution service, prMac. In their continuing effort to support and promote all Apple products and platforms, GeekSuit has spent almost a year developing their new iOS App Testing Service.

The company’s goal was to create an effective service, whose low cost and ease of use made objective Beta Testing available to all developers. Unfortunately, many developers fail to fully appreciate the necessity of comprehensive, controlled beta testing, and its direct effect on App Store Ratings, Reviews, and Sales. The very last step in the development process, too many rush their apps into the App Store, only to have customers discover flaws that should have been caught in beta.

Informal beta testing, using friends and relatives, is of limited value in the highly competitive iOS marketplace. Only the best will be successful, which means that developers must get objective feedback from users before offering their app on the iTunes App Store. Now, with iBetaTest, developers can easily and quickly get 5 or 500 hours of invaluable beta testing. There is no limit to the number of builds that a developer may test. And the ability to specify what types of testing a developer would like (Aesthetics, GUI Faults and Failures, Program Flaws, Freezes, Crashes, etc.) allows developers to focus each round of beta testing, from one stage of app development to another.

GeekSuit’s new service allows developers to review a complete biography of each volunteer tester, making it simple to control demographics and choose those best suited. On the announcement of a new app available for testing, all testers in the beta pool having the appropriate interests and devices, will receive a notification. Testers can easily subscribe to the Project Channel, saving developers time and effort in locating qualified testers. App publishers may even allow suggestions and feature requests from testers. At their option, developers can also run Exit Surveys of testers, providing additional information that may help direct the developer’s marketing efforts.

iBetaTest for Developers:
* Create a Project Channel for only $12.50 a month
* Upload as many binaries to Project Channels as you wish
* Search the pool of beta testers for those who fit your project best
* Connect with beta testers who genuinely have a desire to test
* Developers can offer Promo Codes or even iTunes Gift Cards in exchange for testing
* Excellent method for customer building

iBetaTest makes it fun to test. Beta Testers usually are the first to get their hands on the newest applications in the market. As an excellent alternative to Bundled software avenues, iBetaTest is an opt-in service for testers who love what the mobile community offers and genuinely want to test. At the same time a developer’s software is being tested, users are giving back to the community that supports them. Testers can register to test their favorite software and receive Promo Codes, or even iTunes Gift Cards.

iBetaTest for Testers:
* Register and test software absolutely free
* Choose only the software Categories that interest you
* Earn Promo Codes and iTunes Gift Cards for testing your favorite software
* Earn valuable Star Ratings for being a quality tester

“As an enhancement to software distribution, we believe that every business should have access to the state-of-the-art tools necessary to manage every aspect of their organization’s testing activities,” said Ray Barber, CEO and Chief Operations Officer for GeekSuit. “Our sole mission is to connect willing and responsible beta testers with quality-conscious software developers. We have already received excellent feedback from both developers and testers alike, and are implementing these suggestions.”

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
* Any Modern Web Browser
* Free Account on iBetaTest

Pricing and Availability:
iBetaTest App Testing Service for iOS offers free signup and membership to all developers and testers. Developers can open a Project Channel for $12.50 (USD) per month, which allows them to announce and begin ongoing beta testing of one app. Developers may choose to reward testers with free apps, discounts, iTunes Gift Cards, etc. Please contact Ray Barber for more information or to schedule an interview.GeekSuit
About iBetaTest

Headquartered in Lake Dallas, Texas, iBetaTest is a property of Geeksuit LLC, a leading evangelist for the Mac platform since 1999. GeekSuit was originally founded by Ray Barber. The company has grown to include Marc Linden, Lae Dean Cannon, and Jennifer Shanley. Copyright 1999-2012 Geeksuit LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

###Ray Barber
CEO / Director of Operations
United States
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