Gauge Customer Satisfaction Instantly With Proxidyne Survey Button

[] Naperville, Illinois – Proxidyne today released its Proxidyne Survey Button that measures customer and employee satisfaction in real time via the firm’s distributed wireless sensor platform. Requested by the Proxidyne’s customers in retail, hospitality, transportation and other industries, Survey Button provides managers with a continuously updated graphical view of the satisfaction of their audience across all locations or any subset of individual locations viewed in the Proxidyne Dashboard web portal. The Survey Button makes it easy for professionals to spot trends and changes in satisfaction by comparing results from large numbers of locations and Survey Buttons.

The Proxidyne Survey Button is available immediately to new and existing customers with Proxidyne Platform 4 and above. Survey Button installs in minutes with a mounting bracket, includes replaceable graphics, and can be remotely configured.

“Our Survey Button has been helping our retail customers achieve their goals of improving customer service with real-time measurements and alerts,” said Proxidyne Co-Founder & CEO Tim Perfitt. “With the latest release, we’re helping managers measure their progress with the central visualization of trends over time and between selected subsets of stores.”

Survey Button connects wirelessly and uploads data to the Proxidyne Bridge installed at each location. Survey Button data is relayed by Bridge to the central Proxidyne Dashboard where it is aggregated and presented visually. All data in the Platform can be downloaded with the proper authorization as batch files or programmatically and continuously via web services and other APIs.

Install the battery powered Survey button quickly and easily using the mounting bracket that Proxidyne includes with every button. Slip in the optional branded labels or use the Proxidyne design that ships with every Survey Button. Begin measuring customer and employee satisfaction instantly as there are no wires to install and the simple configuration is managed remotely.

Proxidyne continues to expand and improve the Proxidyne Platform enhancing the software and hardware selections to meet the requirements of its customers who harness the power of wireless sensor networks to help them achieve their business goals.Proxidyne
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Proxidyne creates and operates an IoT platform for wireless sensor management, monitoring, and analytics. Proxidyne serves customers in the retail, manufacturing, and education markets through its authorized resellers. Proxidyne creates hardware and software that connects sensors, buttons and mobile apps to its centralized platform so that businesses, governments, and other institutions can understand and react to the behaviour of customers and equipment on a global scale. Proxidyne’s headquarters are located in Naperville, IL. Proxidyne is a registered trademark of Proxidyne, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

###Timothy Perfitt
Co-Founder and CEO
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