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[] Louisville, Kentucky – For a mobile game to have social reach, mass appeal, and staying power, it needs to pass a few key tests. First, it must be fun and accessible to a broad demographic. Second, it must have replay value, rewarding patience and improvement with new challenges and satisfying gameplay. Finally, it has to offer gratification to the player as he or she finally overcomes a tough challenge through creativity or mental gymnastics. Gadzookery, SLIC games’s flagship mobile word game and breakout contribution to the iOS App Store, does all 3.

Gadzookery is joining the ranks of Words With Friends, Draw Something, and other frontrunners in the at-times crowded market of social, educational mobile gaming. But despite its newcomer status, it’s looking to leave its mark among the more established cast of players. In fact, it’s already been nicknamed “Sentences With Friends” by a growing fan base and was publicly endorsed by Paul Bettner, co-founder of Words With Friends, on the same day he resigned from social gaming giant, Zynga.

Gadzookery is an addicting test of vocabulary, spelling, creativity, and speed that rewards quick thinking, a command of language, and a sense of humor. It challenges players to compete to devise creative, meaningful sentences or phrases based off of a target acronym. The twist? The resulting sentence or phrase must also relate in meaning to the target acronym. For example, with a target word of GAMES, a player may write out, “Gadzookery App Making Entertaining Sentences.” or with a target word of NYMPH a player could humorously write “Naughty Young Men Prefer Her”, or how about YOGURT “Yummy Organisms, Gloppy Underrated Refrigerated Treat” Players are then scored based on number of letters used and a bonus system. Further points could be won or lost when players challenge each other for spotting a fake or a misspelled word.

If it seems like a lot to bear in mind as the clock ticks down, it’s no coincidence. Simon Brooks, Gadzookery’s creator and the Founder/CEO of SLIC games, wants the game to challenge players in a way that helps build vocabulary, boost creative writing and thinking skills, and maybe, just maybe, help rekindle a love of language.

“Since the beginning, my goal with Gadzookery has been to create a game that is fun, social, and that helps make writing fashionable again,” said Brooks. “As a fast-paced, digitized culture, we write less and less and instead connect with each other and our world through other instant media channels. Aside from creating a game that’s simply fun, I wanted to engage players young and old with the beauty and power of words.”

And speaking of words, there are plenty of them packed into this game. Gadzookery is powered by’s list of 1.25 million words, meaning that the list of game-generated target acronyms – as well as the words a player can use in crafting sentences – is virtually limitless. The game also ties into, so, if a player is stuck for words to play, they can simply tap a button and instantly see a list of synonyms for ideas and inspiration.

Gadzookery packs a strong variety of ways to play, letting players square-off against friends, face random opponents, or simply hone their skills in a solo game.

Available in-game purchases and upgrades will include extended word length modes (8, 9, and 10-letter target acronyms) and themed word packs (food, sports, art, and more).

Brooks ultimately envisions a classroom version of the game made specially for teachers to use in their classrooms as a fun way for students to expand their vocabulary.

“I have a vision of Gadzookery in the classrooms – 4 or 5 tables of 4 or apiece compiling a sentence or phrase together and competing against the other classroom teams,” commented Brooks. “I eventually want to give teachers the ability to create their own themed word packs that tie the game into their lesson content.”

This vision illustrates the potential of Brooks’s first foray into the social gaming scene and the likely success of Gadzookery as a social word game. The game’s concept is simple and taps into building blocks that players already possess – spelling, creativity, humor, and competition – in a way that’s not only fun, but can also create lasting, real-life benefits. Brooks believes that the key to inspiring children with words and language is making it creative and accessible, which is just what this game delivers in an exciting, addicting way. And the rest, as they say, is Gadzookery.

For rules, tips, leaderboards, and more information about SLIC games LLC, visit our website.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5
* iPod 3rd/4th/5th generation
* iPad 2, iPad New, iPad Mini
* Requires iOS 5.0 or later
* 15.3 MB

Pricing and Availability:
The universal iOS Gadzookery app is available now for a limited promo price of .99c in the App Store.Gadzookery 1.0
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