Functns Helps Young Minds get Ahead in School and Life

[] Cupertino, California – Parents and educators who want to provide young minds with a fun and exciting new way to learn, practice and master multiplication tables — so they can get ahead in school and in life — can now download the innovative new app Functns for iPad.

Designed by the award-winning team at Pixelcrunchr, Functns, which has been described by math educator and entrepreneur Lybroan James as “an excellent app for engaging young minds learning math in a fun and exciting way,” features linear multiplication tables that enhance pattern recognition skills, and shuffled or random tables that aid in memory retention.

Other notable Functns features include:
* A gameplay mode that lets users earn achievements
* The ability for parents and educators to track progress and development
* An algebraic display of each table cell
* Multiple user accounts to track groups of students
* Timed table sessions for added fun and challenge

“Many people grow up either fearing or disliking math, which is a colossal tragedy!” commented Jamal Berkley, Principal at Pixelcrunchr. “Math is fun, exciting, creative, and students who develop math skills also develop critical thinking, pattern recognition and memory retention abilities that help them in school, in their career, and in life overall. We believe that Functns is a valuable – and fun – way to foster a lifelong passion for math!”

Parents and educators who want to foster young minds with a passion for math and empower them to get ahead can download Functns from iTunes. The app is designed for iPad, and requires iOS 5.0 or later.Pixelcrunchr
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