Fresh Touch Media Launches Three of its Electronic Music Apps on iPad

[] Sheffield, United Kingdom – Sheffield, United Kingdom – Music fans and producers can now create their own musical arrangements and soundscapes on iPad using Fresh Touch Media’s newly released electronic music apps: Wobble Bass Station HD, Dubstep Jam HD and Drum and Bass Machine HD. The portfolio conversion to iPad provides users with a larger interface, making it much easier to use the touch buttons and controls.

Wobble Bass Station:
Wobble Bass Station HD 1.0 for iPad is the first app of its kind that utilizes multi-touch technology to generate multiple synthesizer sounds with varying pitches and distortion.

Bass sounds from the synthesizer can be saved and replayed in the jam screen, allowing the user to create dubstep arrangements using the drum loops, sound fx and wobble bass sounds simultaneously.

The synthesizer demonstrates a sinusoidal waveform display that alters frequency as the pitch changes and includes a range of four different wobble and sub bass sounds, each of which can be played over an octave of different notes, with variable amounts of distortion.

* Three high quality wobble bass synthesizers and one sub bass synthesizer.
* Studio quality samples, created by professional producers.
* Colour assigned synthesizers, for clear and straightforward use.
* Fifteen Heavy and Ambient Dubstep drum loops.
* A variety of percussion and fx sounds.
* Pitch saving allows multiple synth sounds to be played at the same time.

Drum and Bass Machine:
Drum and Bass Machine HD 1.0 for iPad is an all-inclusive app for creating Drum and Bass. The app allows users to generate an array of bass sounds, drum loops and effects, suited to various styles of Drum ‘N’ Bass.

This diverse device features three touch-operated synthesizers with 8 different sound generators and adjustable volume, each which can be played simultaneously to create a multitude of different sounds over a range of two octaves.

The editable sound pads allow the user to simply click a sample from the sound bank and touch one of the sound pads to assign a sound from a range of percussion, vocal fx, sound fx and reeces.

It is the first app of its kind that integrates multi-touch technology with a user-friendly layout and menu system. The user can select from one of fifteen different drum loops and play bass lines and samples over the top to create unique Drum and Bass arrangements within seconds.

* Studio quality samples, created by professional musicians and producers.
* 8 Synth Sounds
* 15 drum loops and 12 FX samples.
* 12 customizable sample pads
* 3 dual octave swipe board

Dubstep Jam:
Dubstep Jam HD 1.0, for iPad is a dubstep, drum, bass and sound fx sequencer.The app allows users to program dubstep arrangements on up to ten different channels, by highlighting the coloured sound pads for their desired arrangement.

The user can select from a range of percussion, sound fx, wobble bass and other Dubstep sounds and customize each sound pad’s volume, type, duration and pitch.

* Studio quality samples, created by professional producers
* Colour assigned buttons, for clear and straightforward use
* Play your sounds at normal, half and double time

Device Requirements:
* iPad
* Requires iOS 4.2 or later
* Wobble Bass Station HD: 13.4 MB
* Drum and Bass Machine HD: 7.7 MB
* Dubstep Jam HD: 7.4 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Wobble Bass Station HD 1.0, Dubstep Jam HD 1.0 and Drum and Bass Machine HD 1.0 are priced at $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and are available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category.Fresh Touch Media
Wobble Bass Station HD 1.0
Drum and Bass Machine HD 1.0
Dubstep Jam HD 1.0
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Fresh Touch Media is an app development, graphic and sound design team founded in 2011. Our aim is to create innovative and fun apps bringing life and creativity to music production and video games. Copyright (C) 2012 Fresh Touch Media. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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