French Healthcare showcases its innovations at Medica & Compamed

A handpicked selection of French Healthcare companies will showcase their innovations and technologies at next week’s Medica & Compamed.

The French medical device market is the 2nd largest in Europe (MedTech Europe, 2019). The medical device industry covers products in a wide range of therapeutic and operational fields, ranging from syringes and MRI scans to in vitro diagnostics.

France has over 1,500 businesses in the medical device sector, 93% of which are SMEs, generating revenues of €30 billion, including €9 billion in exports. Nearly 90,000 people work in the sector in France, half of whom work subsidiaries of foreign businesses. More than two-thirds of firms are innovative, and 13% are exclusively dedicated to research. France is ranked 5th worldwide for the filing of European and international patents in the medical device sector, with 3,750 patents per year (SNITEM, 2019).

9 innovation clusters are contributing to the emergence of R&D projects in medical technologies. Examples of support structures in the sector include business clusters (Medical Technology Center, À l’Ouest des Dents), clusters (I-Care), technological centres (Haute-Champagne Technology Center, Temis in Besançon) and associations (BioMedical Alliance).

France was a pioneer in the launch of an artificial pancreas device, developed by the Grenoble-based company Diabeloop. Furthermore, in 2018, the Necker Hospital teams performed a complete tracheal reconstruction under cardiopulmonary bypass surgery on a 12-year-old child using a tubular graft, the first of its kind in the world.


AIRFAN designs and produces centrifugal blowers for respiratory devices requiring reliability and high performance. AIRFAN turbines operate 24 hours/day, 365 days/year at the heart of demanding health care respirators. AIRFAN is ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified.

ATA Medical is the French leader in hygienic air treatment with more than 2000 references in France. Its compact devices effectively recirculate, filter, and disinfect air from bacteria, fungus, and viruses such as SARS-COV2 causing COVID-19, and even surfaces. Its objective is to reduce infections in hospital areas and risk zones through reliable products, developed by an engineering department with more than 20 years of experience.

CREATIVE EURECOM brings your idea to production. The company acts as a contract manufacturer, from R&D to production, to define, design, develop and manufacture innovative medical devices. It offers various levels of services (Electronics & Software, Mechanics, System Engineering), tailored to the needs of its clients, throughout the whole product life cycle. ISO 13485

DIDACTIC is a manufacturer and distributor of single use devices. Didactic sells its medical devices in all French hospitals as well as in 40 countries all over the world. With its 4 brands, Polysem Medical, Dr Helewa, Intermed and Infineed, Didactic offers a large range of products : protection (examination gloves and surgical), infusion sets, injection, urology and care, oral care (oral care sticks & aspirated devices for ICU units) and hygiene, comfort and care treatment for dependant patients

Fizimed provides unique connected medical technologies for women. They are easy to use and change the way women take care of their health on a daily basis. Its products are user-friendly and easily accessible, developed in collaboration with healthcare professionals to guarantee efficient personal training success based on medical standards. Emy, its connected Kegel trainer, was developed to allow women to strengthen their pelvic floor efficiently and with a smart and fun mobile app at home. Emy is a connected biofeedback device with patented and innovative sensor technology and CE-certified medical device class I.

HEALTIS is an MRI Safety and Compatibility laboratory. ISO/IEC 17025 accredited* for its testing services, HEALTIS performs testing in compliance with the latest applicable international standards. (ASTM F2052, F2213, F2182, F2119, ISO/TS10974).

SurgiMedia provides solutions to manage and operate a wide range of operating room equipment and devices centrally, to record surgeries or to share it with a colleague or students. It designs and produces its solutions in-house meaning the team can adapt them to the specific demands of its customers.

I-Virtual is developing a medical grade vital signs measurement solution based on the analysis of video streams taken from a webcam. By using artificial intelligence, I-Virtual measures heart rate and respiratory rate. It will soon measure a full range of vital signs such as SpO2, blood pressure, vasodilatation and pupillometry. Moreover, I-Virtual provides daily well-being information such as HRV, stress levels and emotional valence. For car manufacturers, I-Virtual is able to give information about drowsiness and well-being.

LABELIANS is the leading distributor of disposables, equipment, furniture and services to medical laboratories in France. Its production unit, CEB, specialises in manufacturing medical devices (MD) and (IVD), PEHD bottles, OEM products.

Lebronze alloys is an industrial group manufacturing high-performing alloys for healthcare. The company has developped Steriall®, the antimicrobial copper solution with the most effective and long-lasting antimicrobial antimicrobial power. Among the antimicrobial copper offers available on the market, Steriall® is the one that has been the subject of the most peer-reviewed scientific publications. It is mainly used for safe antimicrobial architectural elements.

Certified ISO 9001 ISO 13 485 and ISO 14 001, MANUDO is specialised in heat sealing, high-frequency welding and thermoforming for medical devices. It manafactures flexible bags: for biotechnology, dialysis, blood bags, warming bags, freezer bags, stem cell culture bags as well as blisters and thermoforming for implants and more. It uses specific materials such as EVA, PU, PVC without DEHP, PETG medical, PC, complex film, HDPE, LDPE, SEBS, PP, etc.

As the most recent strategic segment within Rousselot, its biomedical division has drawn upon Rousselot’s 125+ years of worldwide expertise and proven track record of pharmaceutical gelatins and collagens to develop X-Pure®, an innovative range of purified gelatins and collagens specifically designed for (bio)medical applications. Offering unique advantages to assure performance, quality and safety, X-Pure is backed by strong scientific data and ongoing research.

SUBLIMED is a healthcare start-up that develops medical devices for managing chronic pain. It works closely with patients and healthcare professionals to offer innovations adapted to the treatments and daily lives of chronic pain patients. SUBLIMED products are under prescription only.

SuriCog develops and markets ‘Gaze-Tracking’ technologies for the exploration of major human brain functions (executors, neurocognitive) by generating scientifically approved quantitative and robust neuromarkers. The EyeBrain family, certified as a Class IIa MedDev, has proven its applicability and clinical relevance, with more than 50 research centres and clinics equipped worldwide. Today, SuriCog products are also used daily by practitioners (Neurologists, Orthoptists) The new EyeBrain T2 will be launched internationally at Medica.

Tesalys manufactures equipment for the treatment of infectious waste on site. With the STERIPLUS TM crusher-sterilizer, Tesalys has quickly become a leader in bio-contaminated waste treatment systems on production sites. Tesalys is now present through a network of distributors in more than 90 countries on five continents.

TESSAN is a telemedicine solutions provider, offering integrated teleconsultation solutions (hardware and software) to proximity players such as pharmacies or healthcare facilities in the community. Its offers secure software which it installs in plug-and-play connected telemedicine cabins and kiosks bundling 7 EU-certified medical devices (thermometer, oximeter, stethoscope, blood pressure monitor, otoscope, dermatoscope and scales). By setting up TESSAN solutions in a patient’s immediate neighbourhood, health care professionals and public players tackle roadblocks stopping large-scale adoption of the technology.

T.M. manufactures O2 therapy devices (flowmeters & pressure regulators with pre-adjusted flows or ball type; blenders; etc) suction equipment (continuous suction controllers & ejectors: analogue or digital; collection jars; etc) and rail & accessories (shelves; trays; etc). With sales of €8m (65% of its business abroad), T.M. is represented by more than 400 distributors in around 100 countries worldwide. Its quality approach which led to the ISO 13485 certifications and to the CE marking of all its products.

TEKNIMED designs, develops and manufactures innovative biomaterials and ancillary mixing/delivery systems. Its long standing experience in the sector enables it to offer a large range of innovative medical devices. TEKNIMED presents a unique combination of skills in the 5 major biomaterials sectors: calcium phosphates, resorbable polymers, PMMA bone cements, textiles and instrumentations.

French Healthcare is an innovative initiative aimed at bringing together French businesses, researchers and healthcare professionals to jointly promote their activities, expertise and technologies internationally. Business France, the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, in partnership with the French Healthcare Association and the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, is responsible for promoting the brand, which aims to coordinate a team approach to stimulate international cooperation and the influence of France’s key strengths.
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Choose France is a registered trademark of the French government that promotes France’s economic attractiveness internationally.

Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the VIE international internship program.

Business France has 1,500 personnel, both in France and in 55 countries throughout the world, who work with a network of partners.

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