FontLab Product Range Promotion Offers 15% Discount Until February 28th

[] London, United Kingdom – XChange UK, the source for extended technology worldwide, are excited to announce a new, limited time promotion which offers users a 15% discount on the popular FontLab Software product range.

“FontLab products have proven to be dependable and are already priced affordably,” offers Tami Stodghill, Press Relations Manager. “Any users who work closely with fonts will benefit from their powerful feature sets and save even more with this promotion.”

The FontLab product range includes popular FontLab Studio 5, Fontographer, ScanFont, TransType Pro and SE, BitFonter TypeTool, FogLamp, AsiaFont Studio and more. The products offer robust capabilities for editing, manipulating, converting and customising fonts.

FontLab Studio 5 is the next-generation professional font editor. As a major upgrade of its predecessor FontLab 4.6, FontLab Studio 5 is a comprehensive solution for font foundries, professional type designers, typographers and graphic design studios, allowing them to design type, create, manipulate and modify fonts. FontLab Studio 5 supports all major outline font formats, including Type 1, TrueType, Multiple Master and OpenType.

Fontographer 5 makes it easy to design new typefaces and to customise existing fonts, and the result will be high-quality fonts that can reliably work across different operating systems. Unlike any other font editor on the market, Fontographer 5 combines an easy, intuitive and very efficient user interface with its state-of-the-art font creation technology, making it a perfect font editor for graphic designers, DTP professionals, calligraphers and type designers who do not wish to dive into the technical details of font creation.

ScanFont acts as a Plug-in for any of FontLab’s font editors: TypeTool, Asiafont Studio, or FontLab Studio (sold separately). ScanFont has long been the best tool for turning scans into fonts. Anything that can fit into a scanner can quickly become a TrueType or Type 1 font. Now with the new version 5, users can do even more easier and faster!

TransType Pro delivers professional high-quality font conversion to the user’s desktop and is the first consumer product on the market that allows seamless conversion to and from the OpenType format. Both the Macintosh and the Windows version of TransType Pro can convert fonts between the Mac and the Windows platform, and between PostScript, TrueType, and OpenType. TransType Pro supports batch conversion so users can convert their font libraries from legacy font formats such as PostScript Type 1 into the new cross-platform OpenType format.

BitFonter is a stand-alone application for the organisation, editing, and converting of fonts. Some of the features include:
* Ability to organise fonts into projects for easier management
* Lets users convert from any supported format to any other
* Supports bitmap TrueType fonts with full Unicode and optional grayscale support
* Provides professional image-editing tools, transformations, and filters
* Uses PhotoFont technology for creating full-colour fonts with transparency
*And more

TypeTool 3 is the perfect utility when a user needs a good basic font editor for TrueType, OpenType, and Type 1 fonts. With TypeTool 3, users can add and edit characters in fonts, change font names, styles, metrics, kerning, and a host of other “inside information” that controls how fonts look and work.

FogLamp 2 enables the user to make OpenType fonts with Fontographer. Users can design glyphs in Fontographer, and use FogLamp to turn the FOG files directly into OTF or TTF files. FogLamp offers easy drag-and-drop batch conversion of multiple font files.

AsiaFont Studio is the only commercially available two-byte font editor for large Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Unicode fonts. It can handle fonts with up to 65,536 characters!

The FontLab product range promotion is available now through XChange UK. To order, or for more information, users please visit XChange UK online.FontLab Products on Promotion at XChange UK

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