FoldersSynchronizer 4.3 – Sync and Backup on OS X

[] Paris, France – Softobe today is proud to announce the release of FoldersSynchronizer 4.3, their nifty and popular tool to sync and backup on OS X. FoldersSynchronizer lets you sync and backup files, folders, disks and boot disk. It allows you to organize your sync and backup in several sessions and to save your settings to a file for a later reuse. On each session you can apply special options like Timers, Multiple Folders, Filters, Exclude Items, File Copy Preview, Auto-Mount local and remote volumes, launch your own AppleScripts, set how to resolve conflicts, execute an incremental or an exact copy, include locked files.

FoldersSynchronizer lets you specify global settings like whether it should display a preview panel listing all the files FS is going to copy, replace and delete. You can also specify to save a log file, to send a log file to a custom email address, to sync and automatically quit the application and more.

When backing up, the destination folder will be upgraded with the newest files, the new files (new entries) and the new Folders (new entries) coming from the source folder. The source folder will be left untouched. FoldersSynchronizer can execute incremental or exact backups. The incremental backup (default) never deletes items. The exact backup deletes from the destination folder, all the items no longer existing in the source folder, and it never deletes items from the source folder.

When synchronizing, the old files will be replaced with the newest files in both directions. The new files (new entries) will be copied in both directions, as well as new Folders. The old Folders will not be replaced entirely by the newer ones, as the Finder used to do, but their content will be updated with the most recent files, the new files (new entries) and new Folders (new entries). FoldersSynchronizer can execute incremental or exact synchronizations. The incremental synchronization (default) never deletes items from the folders. The exact synchronization deletes from a folder, all the items no longer existing in the mirror folder.

Version 4.3 grants several new features and improvements and is a recommended update for all customers. You can find more information on the Softobe web site.

New feature highlights include:
* You can now properly register the product entering your Serial Number and Email. Once registered you don’t longer need the RegistrationFile.txt used in the previous versions
* Added the “Swap Source and Destination folders” button to the Console panel. It works for Single BackUp tasks only
* Other minor fixes and improvement
* This version is compatible with OS X 10.9 or higher. Successfully tested on OS X 10.11 El CapitanSoftobe
FoldersSynchronizer 4.3
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