Fokus 2 – Multiple Monitor Support Is Here

[] Kokkola, Finland – Didstopia today is proud to announce the release of Fokus 2, a major upgrade to the popular productivity tool for Mac. Fokus is a simple but powerful new way to keep you focused on your current task, by simply dimming all other windows except the currently active one. Fokus also let’s you choose the perfect brightness for background windows. Fokus 2 brings with it a host of new features, including support for multiple monitors, more dimming options and massive performance tweaks and improvements.

Fokus works by constantly looking for an active, focused window or application. When it finds it, it will set the brightness of all other windows or applications to a very dim color, allowing you to focus on just one window or application at a time. Fokus helps you minimize distractions and maximize production. Fokus works with most applications and windows, while boosting your productivity and reducing eye strain from your monitor. Fokus has a free demo available, which has all the features of the full version.

What’s New:
* Now supports multiple monitors
* Ability to always show dock and/or menu bar
* Added a guide on how to add Fokus to the Accessibility list
* Performance improvements and various bug fixes

Fokus Features:
* Boosts productivity and reduces eye strain
* Supports multiple monitors
* Customize brightness, tint color, keyboard shortcuts and whether to dim specific elements
* Minimal, unintrusive design
* Ability to start automatically with your computer

System Requirements:
* Mac running OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or later

Pricing and Availability:
Fokus is $9.99 (USD) from the Didstopia Store. Licensing is per user, with several licenses having a discounted price. Fokus has a fully functional demo version available. A Mac App Store version will be available at a later date.Didstopia
Download Fokus (Demo)
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