FlipHTML5 Provides Insightful Remote Working Tools for People Working from Home

The buzz word today is the new normal. With physical gathering restrictions taking root worldwide, there has been a major shift towards working remotely, and online teaching and learning. FlipHTML5 remote working tools (https://fliphtml5.com/learning-center/best-remote-working-tools-ultimate-guideline-for-team-collaboration-communication-content-creation/?utm_source=1888pressrelease&utm_medium=PR&utm_campaign=fh5-2020101213) present a solution for pulling together the various applications available in the virtual workspace and making the online experience seamless.

It can be difficult for teachers to keep students engaged with the learning process outside of the physical environment they’re accustomed to. FlipHTML5 remote working tools are an innovative way to grab and hold their attention as they convert traditional textbooks into interactive flipbooks with different media to make lessons more stimulating. The flipbooks can also be used for lesson plans and assigning tasks and projects. They are compatible with most online teaching platforms and can be presented live, recorded using apps like Loom, or sent to students via link to be viewed on any modern device.

FlipHTML5 remote working tools are also a great way to engage employees working from home. Presentations, meeting notes and other relevant content can be converted to flipbooks and shared live via Zoom, Google Meet, and other virtual meeting platforms, sent to employees as links via email, or embedded into company websites for viewing. They’re also ideal for newsletters and provide an interesting way to share valuable information with employees.

Advertising methods are also being affected by the new normal, and online marketing, particularly through newsletters, is becoming more popular. FlipHTML5 remote working tools take ordinary newsletters and make them into lively, media-rich experiences for customers. The flipbooks can then be linked in the email content, and combined with email providers, like Mailchimp, Constant Contact among others for easy distribution.

Much more business is being conducted online during this time. Ecommerce website owners face the challenge of having attractive content on their pages without causing delays in loading time that will turn buyers away. FlipHTML5 remote working tools provide the perfect solution as its flipbooks pack maximum content, including various media without slowing load time.

“Whatever business or sector you’re in,” says Jackie Peng, Customer Service at FlipHTML5, “you’ll find that our remote working tools help make your days flow more smoothly.”

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