FlexiHub 3.4 massive update brings login via token, new device filters

[prMac.com] Frankfurt, Germany – Eltima Software is pleased to announce the release of FlexiHub 3.4, an important feature update to the company’s advanced USB port sharing solution for macOS. The new version adds the ability to access the software account using tokens. These secure digital keys allow logging in to a FlexiHub account without entering an email address and password. The latest edition also provides the new convenient device filtering options and lots of improvements for accounts with a large number of nodes.

FlexiHub is a powerful utility for remote access to USB ports and devices connected to them. It enables secure communications with remote peripherals over the Internet and makes it possible to establish cross-platform connections between macOS, Windows, Linux, and Android platforms.

The latest version of FlexiHub gives the new secure way to share USB devices among multiple remote users. Now, owners of FlexiHub accounts can generate digital keys, tokens, in their online user cabinets and send them to other users instead of an email address and password. This ability allows the account owners to keep their registration information confidential while sharing access to their software accounts.

What’s new in FlexiHub v3.4:
* Login via a token. A token provides access to a software account but doesn’t allow logging into online personal cabinets of users
* Advanced filters for displaying only USB devices, only serial ports, or only remote devices connected to a local computer
* The abilities to collapse and expand all computers in the account, which is especially useful for FlexiHub accounts with a big number of nodes
* The option to disconnect all remote devices from a local computer
* Alphabetical sorting of nodes, and more

Also, FlexiHub 3.4 retains the best of its main functionality:

* Efficient USB redirection technology – FlexiHub is based on the unique USB over IP sharing technology which lets you connect to remote USB devices no matter the distance and use them as though they were attached directly to your machine.

* Traffic encryption – All network connections created using FlexiHub are reliably protected with 256-bit SSL encryption. This ensures the security of network communications and protects your sensitive data from unauthorized access.

* Data compression – The software offers an efficient data compression method that helps significantly improve the speed of data transfer.

* Friendly interface – FlexiHub comes with a streamlined and intuitive interface. No programming skills are required to be able to share and access USB devices with the program.

* Individual subscription plan – You can choose your own subscription plan depending on how many simultaneous connections you require. If you don’t feel the need to connect to remote USB peripherals but just want to share devices attached to your PC, you can sign up for a FlexiShare plan provided at no cost.FlexiHub 3.4
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