Five Women Break Their Silence; A Book That Speaks Universally to Women

Lyndia Lipscomb announces the book release of ‘If My Vagina Could Talk’ Volume 1

In the midst of a rapidly changing world. Newcomer Author Lyndia Lipscomb has published a book of intrigue and adventure that is catapulted by a traumatic childhood experience that sets the course for the events that come to life in the book: “If My Vagina Could Talk”.

In the book “If My Vagina Could Talk”, you will witness the unapologetic truth of 5 women as they share their stories of success, failure and triumph. Although each from different walks of life; there is one universal thing they have in common, “the vagina”; which Lipscomb refers to as an emotional creature, sometimes untamed; with a mind of it’s own.

In her own witty way; she will make you think about the times your vagina was speaking to you and you may have not been aware of what was happening. “If My Vagina Could Talk” is a self-taught lesson to oneself about the survival of life which can encompass; marriage, motherhood, sexuality, money, power, single-hood and most of all, how the power of the Va-jj, which in Lipscomb’s words, can dismantle or enhance our perception through this fantastic journey of becoming a woman.

An excerpt from the book:
“It was like I had fallen from grace in my parents’ eyes, especially after I had been disfellowshipped from my family and my congregation at the very young age of 16. After that, I vowed to never step foot in a Kingdom Hall again. The memories of being court martialed to a meeting where 5 white Elders of the congregation along with 1 black Elder sat behind this long table with the verdict of guilty on their faces as my mom, dad and I walked into the room. It was the most chilling thing I’ve ever experienced.

“If My Vagina Could Talk, is an uncensored view of womanhood at its best with an inspirational appeal to women seeking to take back their life. It’s female empowered and quite frankly an addictive read.”

‘If My Vagina Could Talk’
By Lyndia Lipscomb
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 93 pages | ISBN 9780578695396
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Link to Purchase:

About the Author
LYNDIA LIPSCOMB is a free spirit, footloose and fancy-free renaissance woman. Born and raised in Washington, DC, she considers herself a freedom fighter at heart and believes that to live life is being able to find and to act on your purpose before you expire. Lyndia, also called “Lady LL” by close friends is also a private celebrity personal coach due to her social-lite lifestyle in Hollywood. She is an entertainer at heart with a sprinkle of undiscovered comedy skills as most would say. She is a mom and a savvy businesswoman who is passionate about her writing (Books, TV & Film). Lyndia knows that some perceive her as giving a whole new meaning to the term: “It’s Complicated”, when in fact, she’s just a straight shooter, no chaser type of woman. She believes in life and just simply speaking her mind from the heart.

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