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[] Tilburg, Netherlands – Apps For All from Tilburg in the Netherlands is proud to announce the release of ‘My Videos’ for iPhone version 1.2. This is an exceptionally useful app that brings long awaited relief for everybody who owns an iPhone and finds it absolutely impossible to find their video from the thousands of photos they have saved up on their phone’s photo app.

Wim de Nood, who is the creator of My Videos, said this when asked why he did it: ‘I couldn’t find an overview that was only for video’s in my iPhone, that’s why I decided to make ‘My Videos’.

This is a problem that has been faced by all iPhone users. But thanks to this new app, it is now easy to find and play your videos from your iPhone. Mostly because you can now organize them however you want to, be it:

* by size, date, duration and many more criteria.
* You can choose how many videos you can have lined up per row.
* There is an auto-play feature.
* In the overview, there are quick labels that can be tweaked by the user.
* And so much more. We’ll run through the features in just a bit.

This app not only makes your video finding and viewing life easier, but it also makes your exporting them to other programs and platforms such as Dropbox and Facebook possible. This is another thing that wasn’t available in the default app that comes with your iPhone. And to add on this, you can decide what quality you want to export the videos in yourself, either the way it is or choose a much lower quality by simply converting it. It is an app built with video lovers in mind, anybody who uses their iPhone to make and share videos, which is almost everybody that owns an iPhone.

Features and Benefits:

* You can easily configure your videos overview.
* The loading as well as sorting time is super fast.
* You have numerous option through which you can sort your videos. Either through the date they were recorded, their size, their quality or their duration.
* You can choose just how many videos you want listed in a row.
* As far as tweaking the overview is concerned, you can choose what you want shown there, either the video size, video quality, video recording date, video duration and so much more.
* You can easily export your videos to Dropbox and in any resolution you deem fit.
* You can share the videos you have onto your Facebook page and you get a free description and title to boot.
* You can email your videos to anyone you choose to on your mailing list; family, friends, co-workers, you name it.
* For each of the exports you want to make, you can choose the quality and the file size to export the videos in.
* It works great on iPhone 3GS and is optimized for iPhone 5.

There is no doubt that this is a useful app to own as far as convenience goes. The only downside that is instantly noticeable is that this app was built for and is only compatible with iPhone and iPod. Wim de Nood from Tilburg, Netherlands says that this is an issue that is being addressed and iPad support will be added in the following versions, but for now, My Videos system requirements are as follows:

Device Requirements:
* iPhone 5, iPhone 4,iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4S AND 3/4G iPod touch.
* iOS 6 or anything later than that.
* 6.2 MB memory space.

Pricing and Availability:
This app goes for only $0.99 or an equivalent of that in any other currency and is available to all Apple users through the App store and is found in the Photo and Video category.My Videos 1.2
Purchase and Download
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Apps For All is based in Netherlands and is owned by Wim de Nood. The company develops applications that are utility based for iOS and reserves all rights. Apple and the Apple Logo, iPod, iPhone, iPad are all registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the United State of America and other countries. Respective owners may own other trademarks.

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