Final Cut Pro X Viral Video Thirds Plugins released by FxFactory

[] Boston, Massachusetts – FxFactory has released XEffects Viral Video Thirds, a new Final Cut Pro X plugin developed by partner Idustrial Revolution. This plugin is based on splitting the screen into thirds, adding graphical overlays and using dynamic transitions to animate between the “third composites.”

The combination of masks, titles and transitions all work together with thirds, meaning that some great looking graphics and effects can be built easily and quickly. One to note is the rotating third “Rubic Cube style” transition built in 3D with adjustable camera focal length, depth of field and glossy highlights.

“Following the success of our first pack of viral video plugins, we knew a follow-up pack had to have the same ‘on trend’ crisp, bright and colourful look.” said Idustrial Revolution’s Peter Wiggins. “I think this time we have taken the next step and given the editor some real eye catching graphics and effects.”

The plugin is perfect for social media, but will also find many uses in other areas from broadcast to corporate productions and events. Built with vector graphics, the results will be pin sharp even in 4K.

* All Transition & Effect Plugins work with video or images
* No cumbersome drop zones for better speed, timing and audio retention
* Masking plugins to split screens into third or ninth segments automatically
* Built in colour palettes or use your own custom colours
* Resize and colour individual words for impact
* Easy to animate text, choose the in and out direction of travel
* All third transition effects match panels for perfect alignment
* Many different adjustable parameters on transitions such as direction, order, reflections, camera angle & borders
* Pin sharp results even in 4K FCPX timelines

“As an editor myself, I always like to tweak elements to get timings and alignments right. The effects have been built using title masks and not drop zones. This means that the editor can reposition or retime clips directly in the timeline wherever and whenever they wish.”

Idustrial Revolution’s designers and editors have been at the forefront of using Apple technology and software in creating content for broadcasters, corporate users and videographers. They have been successfully producing products for Final Cut Pro for over 10 years.

Pricing and Availability:
XEffects Viral Video Thirds is distributed on the FxFactory app store. It is being launched at a discounted price of $39 (USD) until November 7th.XEffects Viral Video Thirds
YouTube Videos (Demo)
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Press Kit (zip)

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