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[prMac.com] Astana, Kazakhstan – Mobile Creators, authors of such apps as The Great Coffee App, The Great Photo App and The Tea App, just released #filmphotography app for iOS – an introduction to film photography foundations.

With advances in digital photography, film photography had been thought of a relic of a gone by age, earnestly used only in obscure special areas and on a case of being replaced even there. In the past few years, a wave of interest in imprecise but “warm” analog technology, that revived vinyl records and walkmans, brought back analog photography as well. First, an area of interest of old-school photographers with stashes of expired film and development chemicals, it then became popular with professional photographers looking for a challenge and a different experience and hipsters, enjoying the obscure and less-than-perfect image preproduction imitated by filters on modern smartphones. With such iconic projects as the revival of Polaroid by the The Impossible Project, the movement became powerful enough to warrant reopening old and starting new film factories and now film photography enthusiasts can get their hands on new film and new new cameras as well as dirt-cheap great cameras of old.

As with their other apps, Mobile Creators took this opportunity to introduce people interested in film photography to this surprisingly confusing universe of different cameras, film formats and foundational knowledge necessary to make use of old cameras.

In this video-heavy app you will learn about:

– Instants
– Point-and-shoots
– Lomography
– Rangefinders
– SLRs
– Medium format SLRs
– Medium format TLRs

– Black and white
– Color
– Infrared
– Slide
– Lomography

– Aperture
– Shutter speed
– Using a photo-resistor light meter

The app is available in iTunes App Store for $2.99 or equivalent; the app is localized in English, Russian, Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese.Mobile Creators
#filmphotography 1.0.1
YouTube Video (Cameras)
YouTube Video (Films)
YouTube Video (Theory)
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