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[] Jaipur, India – Mostly people who switch on the iPad from any desktop environments like Mac or Windows, finds the the Apple’s file system on iPad a bit complicated and sometimes irritating as well. In Mac environments, Finder has been quite a popular tool. A tool who can take you anywhere in your file system where you wish to go and offers you a set of rich familiar interface, great ease of handling and convenience in handling the clusters files of your iPad. In iOS devices like iPad and iPhone, there is a twist in iOS files and that is, an iOS app can’t access the other app data or simply app files. It has been long time since iOS users have been demanding a finder-like app that can give them a proper way to open, store, manage complete files on their iPad devices in an easy and efficient way.

Now after years of research and brilliant work we are up-to something for that iPad users have waited quite a long time. Of course it’s an app named Files – Finder Edition 1.0, a finder like app for iPad users to give the entire functionality of a file management as finder gives in Mac desktop environments. For those who are coming from windows desktop environments, they don’t need to worry as this app has been designed and developed so windows users (who are switching from windows to their iPad) will find it equally beneficial as Mac users.

This app consists of all the features you can expect for a finder like file management app for your iPad; for example, we have kept the app interface pretty similar to interface of old finder tool as many of you find it easier, friendly and a richer featured for a user. There have been gesture controls along with touch screen optimization. There has been a built in previewer for most of the file types the app is currently supporting and don’t worry, we have kept the supported file format list quite wide and open for updates. Currently, file formats that app supports are Doc, Docx, RTF, TXT, PNG, JPEG, MP4, MOV, PDF, Web Pages, WAV, 3GP, Zip and many more. This app is especially beneficial for such users who frequently store files on their iPad. It makes the file sharing between various cloud based file sharing networks such as Google Drive, Sugar-sync, Dropbox etc as well as file transfer between PC/Mac and iPad. The key point is that we have integrated the sync option with Cloud networks mentioned above in the same interface of app and that is likely going to help you.

Talking about features, this app is not just a file browser app in which you can see the files underlying in your iOS device. In fact you can edit most of document files with this app using Google drive right into the app. To enable users quick navigation into system and app file we have enabled an functional breadcrumb/address bar. There is a in-built browser with per-loaded bookmarks and file download support. In this browser we have search integrated with Twitter, Google and Wikipedia means you will be able to search directly on these sites by just typing your search query into the address bar.

Also, we have enabled the sorting the files based on the multiple sorting parameters so now you can search your file system for multiple parameters like size, type, tags, creation date etc. Many other features exist in this app like download manager with background download support, secure password protected file sharing over Wi-Fi Networks, built in zip creation and extraction support, Air print, can create voice notes, categorize items like you do in Outlook and sharing of files via email, Facebook, Twitter and many others.

With such unique and fabulous features this app has one can easily remark it as the best finder like apps in the current time and Appsicum aims to target such reviews from users. After all that’s the reason we work hard and give something better to our users.

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad
* Requires iOS 5.0 or later
* 5.3 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Files – Finder Edition 1.0 is $5.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.Files – Finder Edition 1.0
Purchase and Download
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