File Cabinet Pro Brings iCloud Features to the OS X Menubar

[] Coral Springs, Florida – Writes for All Inc. is proud to announce the release of File Cabinet Pro, its powerful file manager for the OS X menubar. File Cabinet Pro allows users to open, move, rename, tag, trash, copy and paste files, all from a popover window that appears from the menubar. File Cabinet Pro is the most convenient place for users to store files they access often, as it completely eliminates desktop clutter. Additionally, File Cabinet Pro is the first menubar application for OS X that allows users to place arbitrary file types in iCloud Drive. Using its innovative drag and drop feature, File Cabinet Pro is the most empowering iCloud client on the market.

File Cabinet Pro is not just a file manager, it also is a document based application that ships with a built in text-editor, image viewer, PDF viewer, and media player. File Cabinet Pro can open many document types natively including txt, rtf, rtfd, png, bmp, mov, mp4 and many more. If users do not want to use File Cabinet Pro’s built in document editors and viewers they can opt out in settings.

Top Features:
* Create subdirectories in File Cabinet Pro
* Click into subdirectories and open documents
* Store files locally and in iCloud
* Drag and drop files to and from iCloud
* Tag files – Select files in File Cabinet Pro, right click, and then simply add or remove file tags from the control in the context menu
* Show in Finder
* Rename files
* Copy and paste files
* Trash files
* View items as icons or in columns
* Launch the application at login – You can have File Cabinet Pro automatically launch when you login to your Mac (optional feature, disabled by default)
* Built in lightweight text editor – Create and edit .txt, .rtf, and .rtfd files
* Built in lightweight image viewer/editor. Rotate images, crop images, and apply filters to images
* Built in media player – Watch video and play audio files
* PDF viewer
* Editable files support document versions

Pricing and Availability:
File Cabinet Pro is $29.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available worldwide exclusively atthe App Tyrant website.App Tyrant
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