Fight Censorship and Protect Your Privacy With VyprVPN for Mac

[] Meggen, Switzerland – Golden Frog is proud to announce a new edition of its VPN software for Mac users. VyprVPN for Mac provides improved performance and a number of minor bug fixes to make your experience easier and more robust than ever. Now you can enjoy exclusive VPN features to protect your online privacy and fight back against censorship.

Enjoy Browsing the Internet the Way You Want:

The internet is often described as a truly global network, but the moment you step outside of your home country, you will see that it is not. Many countries place restrictions on what their citizens can view online, while companies routinely block content from certain territories in the name of digital rights management.

With VyprVPN for Mac, you’re subject to no such restrictions. You can use the internet however you want, accessing the websites and online services you want without having to worry about local content restrictions. Instead, it lets you connect to the internet via a VPN server located in a country of your choosing, so it looks like you’re connecting from your country.

Protect Your Privacy From Online Advertisers:

A lot of websites and online services track everything we do in the name of advertising and personalization. Despite new privacy rules coming into play, it is often notoriously hard to keep your anonymity safe on the web, and things aren’t getting any easier. With VyprVPN for Mac, the websites you visit will only see our IP address, and not your own.

For those accustomed to working on the move, public wireless networks are a constant risk, since anyone with the right software can listen in on the communications sent between your computer and the local router. VyprVPN for Mac provides protection in such cases by automatically encrypting all traffic as soon as you access an unknown wireless network.

Download today at the VyprVPN website.Golden Frog Inc.

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