Feeling Air Launching For The iPhone On April 23

[prMac.com] Islamabad, Pakistan – Feeling Air is a new and exciting action game for the iPhone, coming to the App Store on April 23. The game originally started off as a hobby project at Aplome Labs back in 2013. Soon after the initial prototypes were created and the game was playable, the team realized that they had something with a lot of potential in their hands. The game was already fun and addictive to play, and the developers themselves were spending a lot of time playing the game while working on it.

Feeling Air was then carefully developed, with a lot of attention going into its details. The creative and designs were aimed at making the game enjoyable for people of all ages and various demographics. Its quick and action packed gameplay also makes it attractive to the casual gamer.

Gameplay revolves around trying to make a car, jump it from a takeoff ramp, and land it on a destination ramp. To successfully complete a level the player has to make both the front and the back wheel of the car touch the landing ramp without excessively damaging the car. The angle of the takeoff ramp can be adjusted, and stars are awarded based on the smoothness and the accuracy of the landing. The levels include various hurdles and obstacles, making the task more challenging and exciting. A range of faster and more balanced cars can be unlocked by completing the levels successfully.Website
Feeling Air
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Aplome Labs, normally works with Tech startups to bring great ideas to life. They greatly value the importance of execution that goes in to make a great product. Group collection site Grouptogether is another great example of their recent work. Copyright (C) 2015, Aplome Labs. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPad and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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