Fanurio 2.6 released – Time Tracking and Billing for Freelancers

[] Craiova, Romania – Fanurio Time Tracking SRL has just released Fanurio version 2.6, a time tracking and billing software application, highly appreciated by freelancers for its intuitive interface, flexible timer and ability to produce detailed invoices.

“Tracking time is a core feature in Fanurio. That’s why the new version has many time tracking-related improvements such as the ability to start multiple timers or the ability to import time from any CSV file. It’s now easy to import time into Fanurio from any application whether it’s a desktop, web or mobile application.” says Nicolae Cismaru, product manager for Fanurio.

Fanurio is mainly used by freelancers who prefer a professional solution over pen and paper or spreadsheets to keep accurate records of their time and invoices.

Fanurio provides multiple methods to track time with little effort. Most users appreciate the reminders that help them start, resume or stop the timer. Instead of relying on their memory and attention to control the timer, users can focus on their work and care less about logging time since that’s handled by the application.

Fanurio has lots of features for billing contracted work. It can record services and expenses, round time, apply discounts, handle subcontracted work, use multiple currencies, apply taxes, record partial payments and many more.

Fanurio uses a powerful template language that can be used to create great looking invoices. Using a customizable template, invoices can be exported to HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word 2007, OpenOffice OpenDocument and other formats so they can be printed or e-mailed.

Main Features and Benefits
* iTunes-like mini timer to control the timer
* Runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux at no extra cost
* Detects idle time
* Imports contacts from Address Book and CSV files
* Invoice and payments reports
* Time and money reports for projects
* Exports time for QuickBooks Pro
* Exports invoices to HTML, PDF, Microsoft Word 2007, OpenOffice OpenDocument and other formats
* Creates great looking invoices using custom layouts

New Features in 2.6
* Import time from any web, desktop or mobile application that exports it as a CSV file
* Use multiple timers to track time
* Redesigned timer reminders
* Many user interface improvements
* Other improvements and bug fixes

People who work on more than one computer choose Fanurio over other solutions also because it runs on multiple platforms. Fanurio runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other flavors of Unix at no extra cost.

Pricing and Availability:
Fanurio 2.5 is immediately available for $59 (USD). A free 15-day trial with all the functionality of the paid version can be downloaded from Fanurio online.Fanurio 2.6
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Fanurio Time Tracking SRL is a privately-held software company specialized in desktop business applications. It develops Fanurio, a time tracking and billing software application since 2006 to help freelancers manage their work and be paid for it. Copyright (C) 2006-2012 Fanurio Time Tracking SRL. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

###Cosmina Cismaru
Marketing Manager
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